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By Caustic_God
Unsure how the extra damage is calculated but will do tests on this.
By Anonymous
I think the damage scales with strength, got 52 extra on a heavy greatsword +15 with 43 strength.
By Anonymous
The buff Duration is 27Seconds when you can move again.
Idk how to extend that.
By Anonymous
There���s a talisman that buffs spell duration don���t know if it works on a.o.w
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Very effective on Malenia
By NotTheInferno
With 80 strength, this buff takes a +25 Heavy Giant Crusher from 878 ar 1-handed / 947 2-handed to 966 ar 1h and 1042 2h.
Lightning Armament with 80str / 15 fth and +25 Clawmark Seal gets it to 962 ar 1h and 1031 2h, so it is slightly better but 1/3 the duration.
By Anonymous
I believe that cragblade also adds physical damage, if I am correct it avoids the double-dip into your opponents defenses, so it will feel markedly more powerful
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By Hirotoro
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Electrify armament is 0.75* incant scaling (faith portion) so at 80 FTH with the Erdtree seal, that's 264 additional lightning damage (though less in practice as split damage types go through the defense reduction twice.) In short with the right seal and high faith you'll get way better value out of electrify armament.
By Anonymous
I know stance breaking is really good for pve, but does this have pvp benefits besides non split damage buff, more stam damage to blockers maybe? Hard to test
By Anonymous
no unfortunately. this boosts stance damage, and only npcs have stance, players do not. still, it's a fairly low cost buff that works perfectly on a strength build
By Anonymous
Something of note, it would appear that you only get the buff if you pull the weapon out, but it takes your FP at the start of the attack
By Anonymous
definitely something I've learned to account for while using it
By Anonymous
It’s not good at all for pvp
By Anonymous
if you want a free 10% damage boost for pvp, then it's not the worst option, but this is largely made for pve, seeing as stance damage only applies to npcs
By Anonymous
WARNING: do NOT use it on cross naginata! Viewer discretion advised
By Anonymous
why, does it make the weapon all weird or something
By Anonymous
WHAT DOSE IT DO "???????
By Anonymous
It looks like *****
By Anonymous
it does do extra guard damage. just a little bit, maybe around 1.25x. nothing compared to royal knights resolve, which was about 5x more stamina damage. what the hell.
By Anonymous
true, the buff is nowhere near the same as royal knight's resolve, but it has the advantage of being a buff with a duration rather than only applying to the next hit.