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By Anonymous
Didn't this used to sell for 100 runes? Did it get a price raise or am I misremembering it?
By Minuslee
Dont see it listed but the easiest farm spot ive found is right outside the schoolhouse grace room in raya lucaria. Theres 3 of them with no other enemies present. Super close to the grace so ez resets!
By Anonymous
At RL 230+, just helping out in co-op and messing around in PvP. Decided to do a make-over with dual estocs and found this awesome looking sword in the inventory. Now I need to grind for another one to complete the look. Hope I get lucky.
By Anonymous
Have 2 I got randomly through NG+. 27 arc and silver scarab equipped.
By Anonymous
Should’ve been a Baller Swag Sword move set..
By Anonymous
327 Rowa Fruit later...
By Anonymous
Got it my second try, bet.
By Anonymous
I’ve never specifically farmed for this sword, but I have over 1200 hours in this game and am currently on playthrough #18 and have never seen it drop once.
By Anonymous
Got two of these from raya lucaria in about an hour, they're pretty **** outside of pvp, anyway cheers!
By Anonymous
Remember the gotthard twinswords? This is them now feel old yet.
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