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By Anonymous
I dont recommend farming for this unless you have 80 arcane lol

For the easiet time: debate parlor like it’s stated. max arcane, item discovery talisman, a big aoe (waves of gold best) and assassins gambit to keep wizards and iron maiden from aggroing you. Took me like 7 trips. Gl
By Anonymous
Keen is the best infusion on this sword as it becomes almost as powerful as a keen broadsword but with better reach. The othe A rank keen swords do not compete.
By Anonymous
I farmed mine by the schoolHouse classroom site of Grace in Reya Lucaria. Just turn around and go down the stairs and out the door. There are three of them right next to the grace. Got mine in about an hour with no scarab.
By Anonymous
I don't know if they increased the drop rate in patch 1.08 or if I just got insanely lucky, but I managed to get two of these in ~15 runs on the dudes outside of Waypoint Ruins on a fresh character, no boosts in discovery or arcane.
By Anonymous
I still wonder why From is obsessed with these horrendous drop rates. What gameplay value does murdering the same group of enemies over and over and over and over because of a 0.5% drop rate bring?
By Anonymous
Took me over 550 kills to get one sword. Luckily got a second one in about 100 more. Truly awful drop rate.
By Anonymous
An addendum to below, keen was actually slightly stronger than Magic at equivalent stats (80 dex). Broadsword is always strongest in all affinities.
By Anonymous
Got two in one run without farming or pumping Arcane. My advice is just to kill every single noble with one of these you see. It'll drop eventually, and the hollow noble is a pretty common enemy. It's range in my opinion makes it the best straight sword for powerstancing. Numbers aren't everything in dps - if you're hitting when other swords can't reach, you're out dpsing other weapons during their downtime. I still had to pull out the Dark Moon Greatsword for Malenia, though.
By Anonymous
Magic NSS at 80 INT 70 Dex was around 30 points lower than the Magic Broadsword against Mohgwyn Albinaurics, or roughly 5% weaker than the most powerful basic straight sword. However, NSS has the longest reach, lower weight and a better moveset featuring a dodge poke and an r2 poke. It's a better short sword (which was weaker than NSS by another 5%). Keen infusion was weaker than Magic by almost 100 points on all blades despite the A scaling.
By Anonymous
Just got it in 2 runs with 265 discovery at the debate parlor site. Must be a consolation prize for the magma sword I still haven't gotten yet.
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