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By Anonymous
You have to step back a little bit, right in front of the giant lady, in order for the prompt command to appear
By Anonymous
Thank you I was going crazy
By Anonymous
Thank you lol
By Anonymous
Is the wolf Lobo a reference to Lobosjr on Youtube/Twitch ?
By Anonymous
Lobo means Wolf. Her wolf is just named Wolf.
By Anonymous
"Lobo" means Wolf in portuguese, spanish and probably more languages. It's just that.
By Anonymous
Why the hell would that be lmao.
By Anonymous
Hey, I'm not sure why no one gave you a real answer. A lobo is actually a timber of timber wolf <3 If anything Lobosjr on Youtube/Twitch sourced his name from the established word :D
By Anonymous
Nope, Lobo just means "wolf" in spanish
By Anonymous
Nope, Lobo just means "wolf" in spanish
By Anonymous
I believe lobo just means wolf in Spanish. So in the Spanish version of the game her wolf is called "wolf Wolf"
By Anonymous
doubtful. lobos means wolf in spanish.
By Anonymous
Lobo is a Spanish name for wolf
By Anonymous
wolf in spanish
By Anonymous
For anybody wondering why this got downvoted, it's because Lobo is Spanish for wolf. Multiple names are references to people and things in other languages, and I'd say there's a good chance that zero of them are references to YouTubers, much less none-Japanese YouTubers.
By Anonymous
Holy **** the amount of downvotes. People are brutal. I've seen articles where people mention that the name of the wolf could indeed be a nod to the streamer/youtuber LobosJr who has been doing dark souls for many years.
Of course that's only a theory and not confirmed as far as I know, but it's not that far off tbh.
By Anonymous
dark souls speedruns* I meant to type =)
By Anonymous
Lobo means wolf in Spanish
By Anonymous
Also in portuguese
By Anonymous
In Portuguese as well.
By Anonymous
It's funny how many things are just named what they are in this game. They refer to people from Nokstella and Nokron as Nox. Which just means Night in latin (also the Goddess of the Night), Lux meanwhile just means light in latin. So the Nox (Night) worshipped the Night lol.

Also Blaidd also means Wolf, so 2 wolves are just named Wolf. My faithful Wolf, Wolf. lol
By Anonymous
In Portuguese too
By Anonymous
I come to her after using Grand Lift of Rold and wandering around Mountaintops of Giants and she was still here. Don’t know when she becomes unavailable.
By Anonymous
Oh man... someone really needs to update the Side Quest portion of this (awesome) website because I didn't have any idea she even existed.
I can't remember how, but at some point I got her part of the medallion... I don't recall ever meeting her :( so there is a pretty good freaking chance she's dead..
So now I've missed Patches, Rogier, AND Latenna during my so far 120+ hour playthrough. How utterly heart breaking..
By Anonymous
I would assume she ends up dying after finding the 2nd half of the medallion if she hasnt been spoken to prior.

Rogier gives you his rapier and indicates you should go to ranni, but other than that i dont think anything else of note happens with him.

Patches could possibly still be at murkwater cave as a boss if he was never fought, and if he was he goes straight to volcano manor if youve already been there. He's sitting outside the room to the right of the site of grace.
By Anonymous
don't be, remember there's NG+... make sure to do the npc quest then, that's why I usually do.. try do most the game blind run (not all of it sometimes I come here to check some guides for some npc I encounter) and if I miss something no big deal I make sure to do them during NG+, that's a very good motivation to give this awesome game another run!
By Anonymous
Same. Also missed Selluvis' quest line and the samurai guy. It's like FromSoftware kept the same outdate quest progression from their linear games like Dark Souls but tried applying it to an open world without addressing the possibility that maybe people explore in the open world.
By Anonymous
If anyone finds out what the cut-off point is in progressing the main story that ends up killing Latenna, please post it here. I'm so sad she's dead :(
By Anonymous
shes not dead lol, listen what npcs are saying to you jesus christ
By Anonymous
She does die there is a cut off point after you monkey
By Anonymous
i've completed most quests that are completable and f'd a few up before the mountain of giants or whatever it's called, so the trigger/cut off point is likely somewhere there, i don't have the other half the the coin yet though so that may be another trigger....and seems the most likely to me.
By Anonymous
maybe its after you kill morgot? some say she's already dead b4 they get half the medallion so its not when you get to the mountaintop,i'd say its best to start her quest before going to leyndell
By miori
At the end of her quest after summoning her and after she gave me the reward (Dragon Smithing Stone) she continued talking and then my game crashed after a few lines.
After launching the game I found out that I still have the stone she gave me BUT I was able to summon her again and repeat quest her lines and she again gave me another stone.
I wonder if this bug is exploitable or was random because of the crash
By Anonymous
damn you lucky bastard,maybe if you quit the game mid-dialogue it'll behave the same
By Anonymous
What was her end questline? I thought she wanted to go to haligtree but this site never said anything about that? She literally whispered that to you whenever she's closer, why not input that information?
By Anonymous
theres supposed to be more dialogue that plays when you get closer telling you theres a building to go to or whatever, but neither the first or second one played for my game, i just happened upon the building and interacted with the woman, had to look up what tf happened
By Anonymous
someone should make a tab about the giant woman who looks abit like her
By Anonymous
someone should make some rule 34
By Anonymous
If you summon her in front of Albus she kneels.
By Anonymous
Bruh, she's always kneeling... She can't walk.
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