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By Anonymous
Tried to summon her besides Lobo after beating EB, just like she wished. Was kinda disappointed nothing happened...
By Anonymous
Same here! I was hoping for a little scene with her and Lobo
By Anonymous
There's no way I could have known about that arbitrary break point without reading a full game summary ahead of time. It's an OPEN WORLD game, and losing a major, hard limited upgrade item feels for missing/not going through one of DOZENS of caves feels really bad. Worse, this is only a two step quest - no interactions that would push you in the right direction. There's nothing that would clue you in to the urgency, nothing that really points you that direction, and no need for the item before you reach the break point because it's so short. Pretty much any other NPC quest in souls can be missed, but at least you knew you were on the quest so you could try not to fail it most of the time. I missed this because I played the game in a totally normal way, and I think I get to be a little salty about that.
By Anonymous
What exactly are you mad about, she's not essential for anything. Gideon tells you where she is, but also, you don't need her to get either of the medallions.
By Anonymous
It feels like gamers today are spoiled. Missable items is a fairly common concept in games, RPGs especially. It's not like it's gone forever, just NG+.
I get the frustration: I just discovered she existed at all at the Haligtree, so I missed her entire story this time round.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
In case someone else is as dumb as me: the prompt to summon her at the giant woman is a few feet beck from the woman, closer to the grace. If you're right in front of her you won't get the option.
By Anonymous
But what about the giant lady? DLC or is Latenna's questline unfinished?
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By Gilder357
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I wish completing her questline would allow us to turn Lobo into a spirit to upgrade her into Latenna & Lobo ashes, maybe use Seluvis's Amber draught & his potion combined.
By Anonymous
I’m pretty sure that lobo isn’t divinity

But yeah not sure why they couldn’t both be spirit ashes, not sure how spirits ashes even work in game
By Anonymous
She didn't talk to me when I approached Castle Sol even if she joined me as Spirit :(
By Anonymous
So I missed the cave at the beginning of the game…now I can’t get a Somber stone because of it??
By Anonymous
I went back an went through the cave post Morgott so it has some amount of leniency. Possibly locks you out if you get both medallions.
By Anonymous
She calls Lobo her “better half”.
If I’m not mistaken, this term describes someone who is your romantic and/or sexual partner.
Am I getting this right?

I’d like to think that her being a cripple means that he’s quite literally her better half, from the bottom down.
By Anonymous
Them albinauric girls are into some odd things
By Anonymous
Seems like this was a “hard to swallow pill” for many.
By Anonymous
Lobo means Wolf in portuguese as well...
By Anonymous
And another fun fact is that the name "Latenna" resembles the adjective "Latina", and she gives a latin name to her companion.
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