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By Anonymous
The way buffing works in this game makes me want to die it's so mid
By Anonymous
Dark soul 1 : Power within
Dark soul 2 : Power off ... Immolation ?
Dark soul 3 : Power of being garbage
Elden ring : Bro I don't suck your health with a silly straw for 30s
By Anonymous
Power Within in DS1 was still stronger than this
Lasted 100 seconds, increased damage by 40%, and the DoT it put on you was determined by your Pyromancy gloves upgrade level, so if you used an un-upgraded one, you took basically no damage yourself
By Anonymous
If this lasted just ~10 seconds longer *without* wasting a talisman slot I’d be able to die a happy man. Love this spell but its short duration makes it a chore to maximize uptime
By Anonymous
dollar store power within
By Anonymous
if when you hit something with [thing] you see a fire effect on them, then [thing] does fire damage and this will boost it.
By Anonymous
Fun fact: this thing also boosts the power of beast incantations since they’re all considered physical damage
By Anonymous
U can also be naked, use a weightless talisman like dragon and have blue fairy talisman
Increases about 19% all physical DMG like dragon bite and beast spells
Sacrifice a bit more weight and equipment the cinquedea for the most boost
By Anonymous
This should be 10% damage buff to physical and fure damage and last 60 seconds imo.
By Anonymous
That would actually make this spell even better tbh
By Anonymous
I agree. It would make the incantation more useful imo.
By Anonymous
Does it works with Bloodflame Blade spell?
By Anonymous
Yes it does
By Anonymous
I can't even count how many times the extra stamina regen has clutched for me.
By Anonymous
Easily my favorite aspect of the buff, makes the 30s duration acceptable IMO. It helps promote and facilitate the aggressive approach necessary to take advantage of the buff. With Old Lord's and Turtle it becomes an extremely strong and useful all-around buff. Also one of the only buffs I don't feel like an ******* using in PvP. Applies pretty fast, you can walk for most of the cast, etc.
By Anonymous
Does this boost black fire damage?
By Anonymous
it'll boost the damage of the actual fire damage on the initial hit but not the damage over time
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