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By Anonymous
Does this make your fire incantations do more damage?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This lasted about 30 seconds after the cast animation. It increased my Physical Attack single handing one weapon went from 563 to 676 attack. Roughly 20% increase in Physical Attack. Stacks with Ash of War: Golden Vow (563 to 628 attack for 45s at 40fp). Combining the two I went from 563 to 753 attack at about a 33% damage increase. They also stack with Bloodflame Blade (563 to 606 attack for 60s 20fp). All 3 buffs made me go from 563 to 812 attack at about a 44% damage increase.
By Anonymous
Spell lasts 30 seconds, and gives a buff to all fire and physical sources of damage, including spells and abilities. This also includes Black Flame abilities.
By Anonymous
Dont even mention Caelid waypoint ruins, just adds confusion to the location, Its literally on Fort Gael, if you hug the castle walls and run alongside to the left of the entrance youll find it, by a big campfire guarded by two Fire Heads
By Anonymous
Thank you, I was looking for way too long as you can���t see anything resembling a keep west of waypoint ruins that wasn���t fort Gael..
By Anonymous
Anynone know if this buffs bloodflame abilities?
By Anonymous
The buff only lasts 30 seconds
By Anonymous
Does ALL fire damage is buffed, for example fire arrows and bolts?
By Anonymous
If I have a weapon that does split damage (physical and fire), will it buff the physical AND the fire damage? That would be pretty sick.
By Anonymous
Yes, it should buff both the physical and fire damage
By Anonymous
I tested that and yes it Boosts both Physical & Fire damage overall. ( So 20% on Physical & 20% with the Fire Boost ). This incantation is insane im glad i found it and spent few levels onto Faith , even tho my Build is Magic INT based.
By Anonymous
Always reach at least 15 in faith, those (probably 5) levels give you access to a lot of useful buff
By Anonymous
Using the 'Old Lord's Talisman' extends the spell duration from 30 seconds to 40 seconds, so by an extra third of the original duration.
By Anonymous
Which costs you a whole talisman slot. Totally not worth it.
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