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By Anonymous
Aggravating with how many enemies resist the Holy damage-type. It's a cool looking weapon, but if you're looking for a good faith-scaling GS, you're better off using an infused weapon instead with Flame Art.
By Anonymous
Nothing is stopping you from using using multiple weapons. That's what the game want you to do anyways. This is a holy blade strong against undead, just because a bunch of bosses are resistant to holy doesn't make it bad.
By SollenAce
Good News: Faith builds have their own version of the Moonlight Greatsword!
Bad News: It has funky stat requirements, a worse overall weapon art, a highly situational passive effect, and a damage type that nearly everything in the country resists.

But hey, it looks really cool.
By Anonymous
just a weapon for dex users to be able to use sacred blade with sacred on a greatsword while still retaining some sort of scaling. Why would they go so far as to change a lore sword for something like that, idk.
By Anonymous
They didn't change a lore sword? Moonlight Greatsword is still in the game. This is a different weapon.
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By Neqael
Looks good, but I was not impressed by WA. Maybe I need to do more testing, but Gargoyle's Greatsword with Lion's Claw or Double Slash seems way more effective. And it is a str/fai sword unlike Golden Order Greatsword.
By Anonymous
Ah, finally, the Sunlight Greatsword.
By Anonymous
Is the second followup attack optional or does it always fire after the golden explosion.
By Anonymous
It's optional
By Anonymous
This weapon is weird. Its another Golden Order weapon that isnt Int/Fth. Also, its made of pure light, but has a weight of 10.
By Anonymous
Item description: "Telltale signs betray that this was once the greatsword bequeathed to him(Radagon) by his first wife, Rennala."
Dark Moon item description: A Moon Greatsword, bestowed by a Carian queen upon her
spouse to honor long-standing tradition.

"Upon my name as Ranni the Witch.
Mother's rich slumber shall not be disturbed by thee.
Foul trespasser.
Send word far and wide.
Of the last Queen of Caria, Rennala of the Full Moon.
And the majesty of the night she conjureth." - Ranni during your fight with Rennala.

Rennala; being a Carian queen gave a Dark Moon Greatsword to Radagon, which he then reforged with light after he left her.
I.E it's not made from PURE light.
Dark Moon Greatswords weight: 10
Golden Order Greatswords weight: I bet you can see where this is going, coincidence? I think not ^^
By Anonymous
Weapon would be a lot cooler if it was strength faith
By Anonymous
Weapon would be coolest if it was int faith
By Anonymous
Weapon would be a lot cooler if everything in the game wasn't resistant to holy.
By Anonymous
Should mention this is part of the Legendary Armaments achievement.
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