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Stats required here do not match the ones on the complete greatsword list
By Anonymous
where is this?
By Anonymous
location plz?
By Anonymous
where do you get this and hows the scaling with faith at +10?
By Anonymous
B faith scaling at +10 i believe
By Anonymous
Does this weapon actually exist? I can't find any info on it
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By kidkhan
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This weapon is dropped by the final boss of the Cave of the Forlorn, southeast of the minor Erdtree in the Consecrated Snowfield region of the Mountaintop of the Giants zone. It's weapon art raises the blade to the sky, imbuing it with holy energy, then executes a combo that finishes with a horizontal slash and emits a wave of holy light in a straight line in front of you. It's modeled after the Elden Ring itself, yet strangely does not come from the final boss.
By Anonymous
where can i get this please ?
By Anonymous
Where can i find this?
By Anonymous
Ive seen this Article and one video on this. Where is the blade? or are yall just spawning it in
By Anonymous
reddit moment
By Anonymous
There is no difference in either of those moments
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