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By Anonymous
Does the game needed to be patched/updated for the rapier to appear?
By Anonymous
You can buy it from the Table of Lost Grace location
By Anonymous
There���s only one. You buy it from twin husks. Maybe you didn���t unlock that merchandise yet
By Anonymous
I wonder if this is a beast like it was in other games. The fashion makes it worthy enough.
By Anonymous
It���s still a beast. And I believe the blade is longer than the one in Dark Souls too so it���s even more of a beast now.
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I sold it, is their a way to get it back. I need the 130 crot
By Anonymous
Check merchant in round table
By Anonymous
+6 129 E/C
+7 134 E/C
+8 140 E/C

+6 118 E/B
+7 123 E/B
+8 128 E/B

+6 108 C/C
+7 112 C/C
+8 116 C/C
By Anonymous
As a sword nerd, It annoys me that you can’t cut with this but you can with the estoc. Most rapiers, while not the best at it, do have sharpened blades capable of cutting. Estocs are, by definition, edgeless. It’s literally the opposite of Dark Souls and Elden Ring.
By Anonymous
Also the whole bastard sword vs longsword thing (which many games get wrong, admittedly). A bastard sword is typically shorter than a longsword, being named such because it can be wielded one- or two-handed, while a longsword is typically only wielded with both hands.
By Anonymous
Also a rapier should have a much longer blade. This is more of a smallsword with a complex rapier style hilt.
By Anonymous
I���ve just decided to call the Souls estoc a war rapier/sidesword to satisfy my neurosis.
By Anonymous
Press the dodge button while charging a heavy attack.
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By Anonymous
For anyone wondering, with ashes of magic applied, this scales worse with INT than Rogier's Rapier
By Anonymous
Can you back this up with some stats please? Because according to the tables on here, they have the same scaling but the Rapier is slightly superior in attack power (and then on top of that has a much better crit stat as well). I feel like the main benefit of Rogier's Rapier is it is free, and has a head-start on the upgrades. Happy to be proven wrong though.
By Anonymous
Why would I be wondering? This is fine raw. And can double the damage with scholar armament. You used the wrong thing man
By Anonymous
Is there only one of this in the entire game?
By Anonymous
Is there only one of these in the game?
By Anonymous
Great weapon with low stamina consumption and high critical damage.