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By Anonymous
At this point I’ll almost be disappointed if the dlc doesn’t have yet another version of this guy.
By Anonymous
I think Melania or Malakith would have been a better choice than Godefroy.
By Anonymous
This is such a bs boss. He jsut spams aoe attacks nonstop.
By Anonymous
c'mon dawg not the gronklecock the gardened
By Anonymous
when they were getting close to release they just randomly strg+v'd bossfights onto the map to fill it. Frodoguy the drafted was probably the worst placed one, those fat rolling apostles were my fav
By Anonymous
Why couldn't Godrick's brother be Hodrick (like from Dark Souls 3) or Rodrick (from Diary of a Wimpy Kid)? Missed potential for memes. ;(
By Anonymous
best bosss in the game imo
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Said No one ever
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I bet in the DLC we'll get Whoreah Loogie, Wooriur and he'll say "I've delivered you disrespect, not enough!"
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