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By Anonymous
This dude is uhhhh kinda hard
By Anonymous
Mmmm~, good���.!
By Anonymous
Why did they rename him here compared to the original Godrick fight? Hard to imagine that this was an oversight, I wonder if there are any lore implications
By Anonymous
Another demigod who sullied himself by grafting, perhaps it's not a unique thing to Godrick.
By Anonymous
lazy devs couldnt be bothered to make a new fight or even a new model - like theyve done for 70% of the bosses in this game
By Anonymous
Just one of these "lazy devs" has done more, earned more, and will be more respected than you will ever achieve in your life. Show some respect.
By Anonymous
Godfrey had a lot of ****** children, at least two of them turned to "grafting", with Godefroy being imprisioned while Godrick actually managed to get a shard of the elden ring which is why he's stronger. It's as simple as that.
By Anonymous
Drops Godfrey Icon which enhances charged spells and skills.
By Anonymous
Literally just Godrick but without phase 2, total pushover.
By Anonymous
Who wrote the "You can't summon spirit ashes in this boss" ?
You can summon them, just pass the fog wall and it lets you summon them
By Anonymous
Wrong boss buddy
By Anonymous
Y tho
By Anonymous
Also drops 26K runes, and doesn't have a 2nd phase it seems.
By Anonymous
This guy is an absolute nightmare for pure melee. Weird timing, shockingly powerful combo attacks, loads of health...a nightmare.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
i'm pure melee, no spells, no nothing, i use fistweapons as well, so close-range.. And i didn't even have to use 'estus'.
You may be better off playing a mage, brother.
By Anonymous
Nah, you just bad, bro.
By Anonymous
you're in for a long game if you cant figure out how to read godrick phase 1 moveset
By Anonymous
A rare L for Fromsoftware in terms of game design. Literally CTRL C CTRL V one of the main bosses of the game and give him a different name. This'd be like if we fought "Paladin Snarborious" in the Artorias of the Abyss DLC as a miniboss. Same voice actor, same clothes, same weapon, same amount of arms lol. Lame. In a game with otherwise amazing and mindblowing discoveries, this just fell completely flat.
By Anonymous
Ah yes, Ortorios of the Obyss. My favorite boss.
By Anonymous
Hornstein and Bough
By Anonymous
Snort of the M'oreal Valley
By Anonymous
The Abyssal Lookers
By Anonymous
Lmao "hornstein and Bough" already exist so hilariously enough. Auriza Hero's grave has that boss fight
By Anonymous
It's only an L in terms of lore and world building, in terms of gameplay there's nothing wrong with facing a boss again in a different context, it's in fact way more exciting than a generic NPC fight or a normal enemy with a boss health bar which is often the case with these gaols or the mini dungeons.
By agnacore
who could forget the breathtaking, ethereal clash with Prancer of the Snoreal Galley
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