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By Anonymous
Vyke also has his own Gaol version and I don't see people complaining that much. The Gaols's prisoners have different approaches, so I wouldn't be surprised if this were a representation of someone who attempted - and failed at - what Godrick suceeded, or even a representation of someone else's inner self, which ended being as repulsive as Godrick.
By Anonymous
Vyke's makes sense because that's him actually trapped there, he just invades you elsewhere. Note that the Vyke in the evergaol uses dragon incantations meaning that this is him before he got the frenzied flame, still trapped. The invasion version uses frenzy incantations. This is him invading from the evergaol (or just his lingering spirit)
By Anonymous
Currently playing the game and this boss has just robbed me of my love for Godrick's character and story design. A key boss should feel unique, especially in a game where the lore is such a point of interest in the community. I guess this is telling me that not only was Godrick a weak fool, but also a member of many other distant relatives to Godfrey who all perform grafting as a mean to gain power. This is interesting, but damn did they really have to use the same exact character model?
By Anonymous
"I guess this is telling me that not only was Godrick a weak fool, but also a member of many other distant relatives to Godfrey who all perform grafting as a mean to gain power." Did you somehow miss the boss in the Chapel of Anticipation?
By Anonymous
bro is a pushover just like godrick
By Anonymous
Please delete this boss, Fromsoft.
It is immersion breaking!
Godrick is supposed to be a legendary, unique boss.
This is just bad game design.
By Anonymous
I don't mind the repeat bosses for the most part but I hate Godefroy for how unbelievably lazy his implementation is. Other repeat bosses like Godskins, Erdtree Avatars, Burial Watchdogs, Deathbirds, etc. are all sufficiently inhuman that they can be reused without breaking immersion. Even the Crucible Knights are different from each other in various ways and have lore behind them.

But ****ing Godefroy is literally the exact same model as Godrick. The exact same. He is a clone and his existence is virtually impossible to reconcile with the lore.

Considering they are the same model, does this mean Godrick had a twin? Does that make Godefroy a demi-god? Does he have great rune? No. He's not given anything more than a passing mention about being imprisoned. That's it. If they had just made the character model just a little bit unique, I would be ok. Change his hair, give him a different crown, give him a beard, whatever. Just do something that makes this boss make sense.
By Anonymous
How about he was reincarnated?
By Anonymous
26 Mar - He wasn't though. The description for the Dragon Knight Kristoff spirit ashes say that Kristoff was the hero who captured Godefroy and put him in the evergaol. This all happened long before we defeat Godrick.
By Anonymous
Can't wait for the 'Disliked Dookie Devourer' boss in the DLC.
By Anonymous
“Has a very similar moveset to Godrick the Grafted” no way
By Anonymous
I like how for some attacks he just says his name for some reason.
By Anonymous
So you know he's "not Godrick!"
By Anonymous
The best boss in the game
By Anonymous
If you can't avoid padding out a game, the least you can do is make me laugh and Godefrey makes me do that.
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