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By Anonymous
I find it insulting that this rusty skeleton sword has better AR and range than the sword of the man who taught Melania
By Anonymous
Fun fact, on a faith build with optimal stats (11 STR, 40 DEX, 80 FTH) this weapon has an AR of 666 when Sacred infused
By Anonymous
no no, tHe oPtImAL sTaTs aRe 99,99,99!
By Anonymous
Remember to equip the silver scarab and the mimic tear helm to boost your discovery by a lot. Makes farming way easier
By Anonymous
couldnt get them then got two of them at the same time. Nice surprise.
By Anonymous
got mine in 28 goes. (2 of em)
By Anonymous
Which stats to level for a cold infused version ?
Dex + Int or Dex + Str ? (or maybe a combination of the 3)
By Anonymous
Dex+STR is useless. Quality in elden ring is below bottom tier. The best stat to level up with INT is DEX.
By Anonymous
This as frost paired with a scavengers curved sword for bleed *chef's kiss
By Anonymous
it was 86 tries to get 2 of them...
By Anonymous
amazing weapon
By Anonymous
nice to see a Kilij, it's fitting as they were designed for use on horseback, and this is the first Souls game which has it. Also, this thing ****s.
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