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Didn’t even know this existed until 5 min ago wtf
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Why does everything have to inflict blood-loss in this game? Like 85% of weapons cause bleed
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Cute. Useless as most of the non-oversized shields, but cute.
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By Hirotoro
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If you think non oversized shields are useless then you are sorely mistaken. Go read the wiki more and look at some of the smaller shields.

Best for parry builds as weight is what matters. Some have nice passive.
By Anonymous
Blasphemous is by far the best Souls based game I've ever played. It's extremely dark, depressing, mysterious and/or ambiguous enough to pass for a mainline Souls game. I can easily see it fitting right into the Elden Ring universe, without much trouble. It's so nice to see it officially referenced here.
By Anonymous
It isn't a Souls based game. The dark ambience comes from art from Spain and Italy, mainly and a lot of inspiration comes from religious and culture of south Spain
By Anonymous
"souls based game"
By Anonymous
Well, I think the proper word would be "inspired".
By Sonin
"Souls based game" Homie all those details you described are just features for Italian/Spain art and writing. It's not souls based just because its dark and depressing. Plus how would it fit into the "elden ring universe"? Elden Ring has a vastly different style of art and concept vs Blasphemous.
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remember guys everything hard is dark souls
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wonder what the overlap is between downvoters and people who insist everything in a souls game is a berserk reference
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Why does this site have so many antagonistic people? Like really, you guys literally attack people over the littlest things imaginable... Also I'm not OP, but rather a random Anon who noticed the dislikes and comments. Seriously, you guys need to chill out and take a break...
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Sorrowful be the heart, Penitent One
By Anonymous
I think I've found the perfect two-handed shield that breaks enemy stances, inflicts bleed, and is of a low-stat requirement. It's like they wanted this shield to be a trolling tool.
By Anonymous
Why is the face side ways on the back.....