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By Anonymous
Though fight, pretty much everything is a one hit kill but the red lightning spears are worth it.
By Anonymous
Awesome fight visually. leg hitboxes felt a bit janky though.
By PigeonPulverizer
I can't wait to see the Vaati video justifying why the hell there's a random cutscene-less "lichdragon" in a dream, and how beating it gives us a mending rune lol
By PimpKidAlex
If you read the description of his remembrance it tells you that he was trying to fight the death within his friend Godrick but lost
By Anonymous
I hate that theres like a MILLION effects at this boss fight. But the music is so cool
By Anonymous
Pretty sure you can't do multiplayer for this fight, tried placing my summon at the previous grace but it didn't show up for my friend.
By Anonymous
you can summon outside the the gank fight boss room and walk in with your summons
By Anonymous
ez boss, didn't know what was going on but melted him barely taking damage
By Anonymous
I did around 20%% of its hp per hit (L2>R2 on Moonveil +9 Katana) when i aim'd for the head

Magic is its big weakness
By Anonymous
Kunai literally killed him from half health
It does a weird amount of Dmg
By Anonymous
i love the kunai. whenever i have leftover runes i want to spend, i go to the merchant and stock up. theyre great
By Anonymous
Beat the right level and its cake. Beat him first try at level 78. EXTREMELY WEAK TO FROST.
By Anonymous
Legend, Was trying with my blood/poison setup and achieved nothing, putting frost on my 2h helped wonders love u
By Anonymous
I'm level 84 and struggling with a 2h setup, Albeit blood/poison dual wielding greatswords probably isn't ideal but tried with frost and smooth as, legend mate.
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