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By Anonymous
Why does this page use the pronouns he/him for Fortissax?

I’ve read through all the item descriptions associated with then I know of, but not even once are they actually gendered in any way

Am I missing something somewhere, or is this just one of those cases of people assuming?
By Anonymous
I’m kinda amazed, 37 downvotes rapidly, but not a single comment give any evidence at all or saying anything. It’s hard to believe 37 people saw this and just decided it was worthy of a dislike, without offering anything.
By Anonymous
Go woke, go broke
By Anonymous
weird that you're getting so many downvotes, this is a good point
By Anonymous
Literally nobody cares, it’s a dragon. Get a life.
By Anonymous
Look at all the red-pilled idiots. Mention “pronouns” and they start screeching… wait until they figure out everyone has pronouns!!
By Anonymous
My personal assumption, just me, is that it's based on the phrasing of Lansseax's in-game description as the "sister of Foritssax". If they were both girls it would be more common to say "Lansseax and Fortisaax were sisters" or some such. Honestly not a great explanation but it's all I can think of.
Good point
By Anonymous
Ancient dragons have special endings to the name based on gender, sax is male and seax is female
By Anonymous
It's a dragon, who cares.
By Anonymous
"No one cares! It's a dragon!!" as I seathe more than the scaleless into my moist gamer chair
By dudebro9000
your attitude is what brought the downvotes, not your opinion lmao
By Anonymous
WHY is it 80% RESISTANT to Holy damage? Isn't it undead? Isn't a LICH an undead creature? It's literally an undead dragon in the dream of the god associated with EVERY SINGLE UNDEAD CREATURE in the Lands Between. Why Miyazaki.
By Anonymous
Also, death is a holy thing in EldenRing. It’s a misconception. Holy damage never does extra damage against any dead, it’s only a couple certain incantations that do it. Unless I’m mistaken and missing something somehow.

Also: “Dream of the god associated…” who are you thinking about exactly?
By Anonymous
Because they’re Japanese and Japanese hate anything religious related, so holy gets shafted
By Anonymous
Because despite the fanboy groupthink, this game IS seriously flawed. Corrupted by deathblight = Extra holy damage taken, except this one tome.
By Anonymous
uhhh what if I killed fia because she told me to???
By Anonymous
Cannot believe the dragon fights in elden ring are as tedious and terrible as this when darkeater midir exists. The guaranteed rollcatch lightning, the rollercoaster camera, the way they flutter away or raise their necks SO quickly that even if you dodge in with flawless timing you can't punish... even while jumping with a greatspear I can't reliably reach their heads. the fastest and easiest way to fight these things is magic spam and/or status ash of war spam on their ankles, and that's just so much less fun than fighting midir ever was.
By Anonymous
man , he is easy ! rock sling forever , and evel melee he is slow asf
beat him first try , with lvl 83, rock sling , mimic tear dual katana .
By Anonymous
"i spammed magic and used a mimic tear with status buildup" lmaaaoooo good job buddy
By Anonymous
this undead dragon has 80% resistance to holy. fromsoft why
By Anonymous
because spoiler alert, Death is holy in this game. see also: eclipse shotel.
By Anonymous
Yeah but this deathblight not death itself, it is very unnatural and very unholy
By Anonymous
If death is holy, then why are skeletons (who are derived from death root, which was created by Godwyn's undead corpse) weak to holy? Why are Cemetary Shades, created from Death Root, weak to holy? And then why AREN'T Wormfaces weak to holy? They all come from the same ****ing thing, death root!!!! be consistent, fromsoft!!!!
By Anonymous
Those Who Live In Death (eg skeletons) are an affront to golden order and thus weak to holy. There are numerous other undead enemies (putrid corpses, mausoleum knights) who are not considered TWLID and not weak to holy. We don't have all the answers yet
By Anonymous
this guy deserves more hp with no NG+
By Anonymous
The real fight is the camera.
By Anonymous
It really does suck after the first fight I immediately stopped using camera. Not to mention since I was using Dragon Halberd which normal attack is a thrust. If there were more camera points on the boss I think it would go a long way.
By Anonymous
recommended level?
By Anonymous
I fought him at 90 with mimic tear decoy and incantations. Beat him first try vs third try for fias champions fwiw.
By Anonymous
Lvl 90 is pretty easy with incantations and mimic tear decoy. Easier than fia's champions for me
By Anonymous
i usually fight him at around level 90, though you can probably do it at even lower levels with a ranged build, since he goes down pretty quickly if you just aim for the head
By Anonymous
Fought him at Lvl 105 with +9 Uchi and Bold Drake Talisman. Kept it moving and eventually got him. 5 tries
By Anonymous
Was able to get it on my 3rd try, 40 strength, ~lvl 80 with guts sword. Just stuck around his back legs and used lion claw ash of war when I could, and rolling r1 for most of the fight. I tried using latenna ash but she died pretty quick so probably better off trying something else.
Overall wasnt very difficult, very cool boss when I could see. 7/10
By Anonymous
Rain of arrows melts this boss, just like any other dragon. While it did trivialise it a bit compared to melee, it was a cooler fight as you can actually see what's going
By Anonymous
Try Rain of Arrows with rot arrows, blood arros and throw poison darts on the side.
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