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By Anonymous
casuls: Why won't Fromsoft give us an easy mode?!
By Anonymous
Remember Wolf Leap from ds3? This is him now
By Anonymous
from the amount people spam this skill its surprising more people dont try to parry it
By Anonymous
Since the update I have noticed that this weapon triggers bleed but before it didn’t
By Anonymous
Pretty sure it always did bleed.
By Anonymous
From using this skill, it seems the second attack teleports when two-handed but dashes when one-handed.
By Anonymous
Nope. Your strength is below 18. If you don't meet the stat requirement you do the no FP version of the skill. By two-handing you meet the strength requirements of the weapon.
By Anonymous
Make sure to grab the somber smithing stone on the chair immediately right side behind rocks after crossing the bridge on your way to the gaol. You can use the “secret” path around Stormveil later to rest at a site of grace in liurnia to be able to go to round table hold (probably will trigger at the one by the merchant). Then you can upgrade this sword right away.

There’s also a somber stone in one of the elevator shafts in the agheel mine. Don’t know if it’s a 1 or a 2.