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By GiverOrTaker
I want it. Idc if it's bad, but I want a whip that hopefully applies bleed.
By Anonymous
Not sure if it's bleed or Scarlet Rot.
By Anonymous
Harlows whip has 55 bleed, rather than thorned at 50. Harlows does more but less scaling. I think it comes to preference of style.
By Anonymous
Does anybody know where to find it?
By Anonymous
I think the ladies who use it in Mountaintop of Giants may drop it
By Anonymous
Can confirm that it's a drop from the mobs who use it in the giant area. Got lucky and got one on my third attempt.
By Anonymous
Fire Prelates (big fat fire whippers) in Mountaintops of the Giants.
By Anonymous
this skill is 'kick' and upgrade by smithing stones. I forget how i can get it.
By Anonymous
-84.46875 : 150 78125 Mountaintops of the Giant, the only bridge that connect to the other side from the grand lift
It's the Oversized lady wearing bucket of ember in her head, also using giant Notched Whip as her weapon
She has 5,8K HP at Vanilla NG so be prepare for a long fight
By Anonymous
Is this confirmed in the game? I can't find any other info about it.
By Anonymous
Looks painful, i want it.
By Anonymous
It has E scaling on Str, C scaling on Dex, and has passive bleed. It's not unique either, so Ashes can be applied to it.
By Anonymous
Location: north from Zamor Ruins site of grace. Before the thin, long bridge, there will be a big fire monk with blazier on his head. He's also wielding the whip. While it dropped for me, I'm not sure if it's 100% drop or not. Passive: causes bloodloss buildup (50)
By Anonymous
You can get it by killing the big enemy near the bridge in the Mountaintops of the Giants
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