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By Anonymous
Elden ring devs try to make a boss without lingering AOE on every attack challenge (impossible)
By Anonymous
I would highly recommend killing Maliketh first and getting both of his Remembrance items. Placidusax has a HUGE amount of health, but Destined Death does damage depending on the target's max health.
By Anonymous
fun fact, if you play with 9 vit and get hit while he is dying, you will die and the boss battle will be completed.

since the battle is completed and you cannot access the arena again, the 200k runes you should have got will forever be stuck in the void.

and this absolutely didn't happens to me.... nooooooo, like i'd ever play with 9 vit and lose all those runes in such a stupid and not intended way
... i'm not crying
By Anonymous
okay, but why does he have a NUKE
By Anonymous
I didn't know how to find him so I fought the Beast before I went looking, after I beat hum I looked at the map and the grace was just there, I can teleport to the fight whenever I want but I lost that amazing animation, thought It could be a bug of something.
By Anonymous
Lost around 50 million runes jumping down the ledges to get back to him lol
By Len0X
Information on the runes you get form beating him is wrong. On NG+2 he drops 420k runes
By Anonymous
Shard spiral shard spiral shard spiral SHARD SPIRAL SHARD SPIRAL!!! = *ded dragon*
By Anonymous
Having trouble? 5 steps:

1. Bolt of Gransaxxx
2. Smithy to +10
3. L2 L2 L2 L2 L2
4. ?????
5. Profit.
By Anonymous
I use ancient dragon lightning strike + godfrey icon + lightning scorpion charm. It definitely decimate him!
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