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By Anonymous
Easily the greatest entry to a boss arena I have ever seen. When you see it for the first time, it will give you the same feeling we all got when we discovered ebrietas. 10/10 boss right here and honestly my favourite fight of the game
By Darhk_Angel
I agree. This is a top quality dragon fight, though the difficulty of this thing makes Midir look like the tutorial boss of DS3 lol
By Anonymous
I just reached this guy tonight. It definitely is an awesome intro... Although I tried twice and it's super late/early so I think I'm spending probably a good bit of tomorrow trying to actually beat this guy.

I hope he actually drops some dragon hearts because I want his skill and I don't have any dragon hearts left over.
By Anonymous
Naah its on level of Midir. But instead of the head(s) here i have go for the tail, as it is easier to roll through most of its attacks by doing so. The one move anyone should be looking out for is the big lightning AoE. Its range is huge.
By Anonymous
I died right after I killed the boss and am unable to re-enter the boss arena
By Anonymous
Happened the same to me, cant find a way to get there. If anyone knows a way to get back there i would apreciate :)
By Anonymous
Happened the same to me, if anyone knows a way to get back at the arena i would appreciate.
By Anonymous
Same here, super salty as you need access to this area to cure the Frenzied Flame
By Anonymous
I never fought him when I got to this location, and I definitely burned the tree??
By Anonymous
You need to go all the way to the bottom of clumbling, its not so simple like other bosses
By Anonymous
I died after I killed the boss and am unable to re-enter the boss arena
By Anonymous
I was able to go back to the grave thing and lie down luckily. Put me right back in the arena.
By Anonymous
meddl loide
By Anonymous
Ich bin das h��chste Wesen
By Anonymous
where is this
By Pebrock
I'm not really too sure what happened but his AI completely broke while fighting the mimic. Half way through the fight he just stopped attacked and kept looking at my mimic, taking any damage I give. Still an amazing right..
By Anonymous
Same thing happened to me, I assumed it was because I'd dropped his hp below his bottom threshold (where he starts doing the beam attacks) before he'd started swooping at all
By Anonymous
same lol ez kills , it seems the game fault
By Anonymous
happened to me as well, but i backed up my save file before the fight and redid it without mimic. Fight is really fun and well designed but very easy for an endgame boss because of how much downtime it gives you to flask off all the damage.
By Anonymous
Closest Site of Grace: Beside the Great Bridge

CAN be poise broken, and relatively easily, with critical strike on the head and generous downtime (i actually find it more damaging to use hard to pull off combos)
By Anonymous
This boss has approximately 27,000 HP give or take.
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