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By Anonymous
The unique Charged R2 Slash then stab attack is such a great poke.
By Anonymous
It's good but has a wonky hitbox. I hits to the left a bit
By Arctosa
Location here :
By Anonymous
can it be buffed?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Buff with the Black flame buff, and your mouth will open wider than any soy goy.
By Anonymous
Use Bloodflame enchantment, you will bleed out enemies with it.
Equip a second whip with a predetermined attribute like Bleed with the Arcane Scaling, and you end up with a very good AoE bleeding weapon that can roll catch.
By Anonymous
Low damage but works amazing with some ash of your preference, low weight low stamina cost weapon you can spam with and it has amazing range to keep you out of trouble, i use it mostly as my phys damage while a mage, only have to put some points into dex and smithing upgrades and it becomes a very worthwhile weapon at least during during the first half of the game.

Try using the frost stomp ash of war with it if you want to kite npcs by spaming the stomp plus normal attacks

Also great for those few cases where you need to hit enemies through walls, Because of the huge hitboxes this weapon has
By Anonymous
Change scaling to keen and it makes it to A scaling by only level 8. This is not low damage.
By Anonymous
no juegues magias maricon
By Anonymous
The slap bracelet of swords
By Anonymous
Thanks for making me feel old lmao
By Anonymous
I have been doing a whip only playthrough for my first time, and I must say that this whip is the best whip in the entire souls genre, it's definitely been carrying me with S dex scaling.
By Anonymous
How do you get it to s scaling?
By Anonymous
Wouldn't the bleed whips be a lot better??
By Anonymous
I tried running whip for a while (I didn't find this one on my first playthrough, gonna grab it this time) and I felt like the whip's hitboxes didn't hit bigger enemies very well at all since they aim towards feet. The animations for dual whips also locks you out of movement for quite a while so you have to be careful with the input. I found myself standing right in front of bosses so many times missing and it got frustrating! Super cool weapons though, I really want to make them work. Glad to know this one can get to S scaling, thanks!
By Anonymous
This is awesome. To the other guy: some weapons get better scaling the more you upgrade them. Once this gets to like +9 or whatever the number is, it goes up a letter
By Anonymous
wouldnt say its the best, as id say its fairly tied with Giant's Red Braid. but its on the other side of the stat spectrum then the Urumi.
By Anonymous
This seem interesting for some cosplay build
By Anonymous
since its such a bizzare weapon i thought "huh, it would be cool if i did a bloodborne themed cosplay using a strange bleed/arcane weapon with a crossbow off hand", so thats what im doing right now.
By Anonymous
Chad Weapon
By Anonymous
thank you sir
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Welp, i think i found the new pvp meta. This thing in your main hand and another whip in your left hand and the moveset is so varied and rapid. The r2 on this thing has some ridiculously good range too
By Anonymous
Dual Whip Dex Bro is now my next playthrough thank you for the brilliant idea.
By Anonymous
Light roll with blood urumi and occult hoslow was a lot of fun
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