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By Anonymous
Does anyone know where it can be found or who can drop it?
By Anonymous
You can buy it from Finger Reader Enia after defeating Commander Niall at Castle Sol. It���s fairly late game
By Anonymous
The veterans set is purchasable from Finger Reader Enia after defeating the Niall in Castle Sol in the Mountaintops of the Giants
By Anonymous
Looks like it has really high poise for it's weight.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
goofy ahh
By Anonymous
Holy Mother of Poise!
By Anonymous
We even get Owl's cape. Nice
By Anonymous
This dude is OP
By Anonymous
Bums me out you can't alter the helm to put the visor down
By Anonymous
IKR!? Like why give us the option to alter armor and then make it only remove capes n shi
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