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By Anonymous
The duration is 70 seconds. The effect reduces magic damage taken by 60%
By Anonymous
where did you find it?
By Anonymous
I've been getting my butt kicked by these insane spells, and I didn't really think to try this incantation because I assumed it was just a -20% or so. But holy moly I was wrong, this incantation is amazing! Testing it out now and I can actually fight mages.
By Anonymous
Thank you, was looking for some actual numbers on the damage reduction.
By Anonymous
where is it?
By Anonymous
From Erdtree Sanctuary site go through west exit, down the stairs and into a lift. Follow the path past Crucible Knight. There's an invisible scarab that drops it IIRC, but it might be just a regular item at the end of the path.
By Anonymous
Magic barrier or Great magic barrier?
By Anonymous
It's in Leyndell. Go left from the Erdtree Sanctuary grace point, take the elevator down, then follow the path for a bit to where there's a Crucible Knight. You get the incantation by killing an invisible teardrop scarab that's running around the area (you can see the path it leaves as it runs).
By Anonymous
this, i just killed it on accident with aoe
By Anonymous
When you defeat the elden first lord go left and you will see and invisible golden scarab with a knight, I breath weaponed the area cause I dont like chasing them down
By Anonymous
Hah, found it. To to the balcony waypoint. Left on the avenue. All the way east. Before the gate on the avenue, jump south over the little wall. Follow the wall into the dark path. Then it's just at the end.
-102.7, 119.2
By Anonymous
Was fighting the knight and randomly killed something in the crossfire and got this LOL
By Anonymous
I did something that changed my map in that area, the scarab doesnt exist anymore :( cant access this item which really is annoying.
By Anonymous
burning the tree, I did the same thing sadly. burning the tree also blocks access to 2 of the seedbed curses, and many other things in the capital I'm sure.
By Anonymous
they might have changed it to new game plus
By Anonymous
Can you get this after the map changes or are you locked out? If it is the latter the programmers deserve a pay-cut. It will be extremely lazy design.
By Anonymous
not exploring the map is extremely lazy gameplay
By Anonymous
Lol what a casual.
By Anonymous
Guess you'll have to NG and reach the capital again
By Anonymous
As a software engineer, what a joke of a reply this is and shows how little OP knows about programming. It would be actually easier to implement an item that stays unlocked throughout the game than it would be to program an item to be inaccessible after a specific event or trigger occurs.
By Anonymous
Imagine being so butt hurt you didn't plan out your build or possible future builds like most ppl do so you come to fextra forum under the item and reee into the darkness about it!

Couldn't be me!
By Anonymous
Hyperbolic cringey **** like this is what makes me hate the kinds of people FromSoft games attract. Just play and complain about things like an adult, jesus..
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