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By Anonymous
Dropped from a mini-boss after the inverted study hall
By Anonymous
Hi there! Godskin Noble comes from the noble you have to kill on the bridge leading to the divine tower of Liurnia!
By Anonymous
This armor can be found on the bridge that connects the Carian Study Hall and the Divine Tower of Liurnia. It is dropped by a field boss enemy that actively wears it.
By Anonymous
this set can be dropped from Godskin Apostle at the bottom of Divine tower of callied!
By Anonymous
Wrong it drops the godskin apostle set
By Anonymous
So this is how Miyazaki chooses to incorporate RR Martin into the game as a cameo...
By Anonymous
By HollowRaccoon
It has no poise yet the dude wearing it has like 200 poise
By Anonymous
that dude is more then 200 kg prolly
By Anonymous
I ran past him at the divine tower and he just glitched and died
By Alphablossom
We were going at it and he did a jump attack and jumped off the bridge lmao
By Anonymous
try plump sort