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By Anonymous
Sereusly those 3 omens have to be the "3 sisters" in hiding ( 3 being the flaw and tabuu in the golden order ).
Read closely what Rogier is saying, his not trying to save the living dead but he belives the 3 made a mistake somehow.

Rogier might connected to Ranni somehow as they go into slumber at the same moment.

Iji's Mirrorhelm and the fact that his a terrible "war Counselor" and the fact that his not "really" there similar to Gowry kind of suggest something is off.
And you find another Nox Mirrorblade and a "warped" weapon in here...

I dont think 3 lonely wolfs from Renna is without purpose, or that Rogier Fights Carian syle with a +8 weapon (same as Edgard) with the same ornament..... I bet Rogier is more confertable with his "Frozen Needle" Ijii (mispelled) got tucked away close by.

There got to be more to this, maybe "Greathood" got somthing to do with it? Can see the truth and got synergy with "Sword of Night And Flame", Maybe Lazuli Glintstone Crown can reveal somthing.

It's just to wierd, Lorettas weaker "phantom" form, using spells sold by Pidia. while a stronger version is at the Haligtree. (lost her Silver Mirrorshield BTW). Thats not how Ashes work. (could it have been a puppet? Like Dolores). Selvius got finger maiden Therolina for Edgar to after all.

Moon Of Nokstella would fit in here aswell I guess, And Blaidd's Greatsword description seems to be a clue aswell. The mask a warning?

Radagon's Dogs and Royal spies seems to be all over them, with odd respawn.

Going to stop brainstorming now, but I'm confident there is something to unravel here :D So a quote from Jerren in the end.

"By the by... Is that old fool still hammering out weapons? His enormous frame, cramped in that little place... Bit of a haughty sort." -Witch-Hunter Jerren.
By Anonymous
Bro's playing Elden Reach
By astrix
That was fun! Got to the end and the boss was gone, I had already done it.... I was puzzled why the lever didn't work ;-/
By Anonymous
Worst catacomb in the game. Period. Just skip it.
By Anonymous
clearly you haven't gone through consecrated snowfield catacombs
By Anonymous
My third character. Havent had any trouble here before but on previous playthroughs relied on magic or coop. Now as a non magic, non summon, close range melee without shield: Jesus did this place take a piece out of my soul. Died about 30 times. More than doing tree sentinel straight out of tutorial with the same character. I truly recommend having ranged options, summons or atleast something longer than claws etc. while in this place.

Whoever desinged this hell whole I salute you.
By Anonymous
Saw a video of the openings in the stairwell. Player stepped off the stairs, used a scythe to dash into the opening, then hit all of the walls to check, there's nothing there.
By Anonymous
I have tried and tired to jump into the second floor just above the omens to no avail. There's probably nothing there, but it seems like one good jump could get u in there. Can some proud platformer try and report back?
By Anonymous
I've had one of the omen enemies ignore stance-break three times in a row. I use the golem halberd, which stance-breaks them in two power attacks. I drop off of the walkway at the left corner that is closer to the ground, and sneak-attack the one in the middle. I get the sound for a stance-break, but he only stops for a fraction of a second. All the other omens go down with two power attacks, but not this specific one. If they ever fix this, it's on patch 1.07.
By Anonymous
you can also get omen cleaver here