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By Anonymous
Str - D
Fai - C
Str - 8
Fai - 12
Passive Effects:
Boosts thorn sorcery
Causes slight blood loss buildup (45)
By Anonymous
Uh, there aren't any cultists around the Shaded Castle. Did the page's author confuse the castle with Fort Laiedd?
By Anonymous
I can confirm that the cultists around Fort Laiedd can drop it.
By Anonymous

"A heretical staff fashioned from a smoldering, withered sapling
that turns the blood of sacrifices pierced by it into glintstone.
Similar to hex magic.

Sorceries are scaled with faith rather than intelligence when
wielding this staff which enchances thorn sorceries in particular."
No skill.

This armament has no skill.
If the armament in the other hand has a skill, that skill will be
used instead.
By Anonymous
The staff is found on the fire mages outside Fort Laiedd, not in the Shadded Castle
By Anonymous
The red robed cultists are NOT near the Shaded Castle. They are right out front of Fort Laiedd. Fort Laiedd is in the top left of Atlus Plateau, to the top-left of the volcano area.
By Anonymous
I was unable to find any cultists around Shaded Castle, but can confirm it drops from the cultists who cast blood magic at you around Fort Laiedd, in the NW corner of the map In the Mt. Gelmir.
By Anonymous
Drops from the heretics outside of Fort Latedd, on the westernmost section of the Altus Plateau (inside the volcanic area).
By Anonymous
what stats does this require- is it the faith one ive heard about
By Anonymous
Yes this is the pure faith one, it boosts thorn sorcery as well as allowing your sorceries to scale with faith, and requires eight strength and twelve faith
By Anonymous
Yes 8 STR, 12 Faith
By Anonymous
Why the hell does this scale with faith instead of arcane, makes no sense, i imagine this will be patched.
By Anonymous
It scales with faith because thorn sorceries only have faith requirements and no intelligence requirement. It is specifically targeted towards them.
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