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By Anonymous
The sorcery scaling of this staff is way too low, especially compared to all the other staves, it needs to be buffed to be viable. At 80 faith you should have something like 355 instead of 305.
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By Kaze
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You're forgetting that it gives a tremendous boost to thorn sorceries, giving us a virtual spell buff of 366.
By Anonymous
Yeah, all 2 Thorn sorceries. Practically worthless
By Anonymous
Sad little tree branch, you could've been a whole oak, but two of the four aberrant sorceries are exclusively for the mobs maybe in dlc.
By Anonymous
FOUR aberrant sorceries?
By Anonymous
Slap spinning weapon on this for bleed build up. Hear me out boys, new challenge run...
By Anonymous
I got 2 of it at Guardian's Garrison yesterday. Without farming, just killing all enemies. So I guess that's a good spot to get it.
By Anonymous
You use this to min-max for briar spells, I use it to cast carian slicer on my faith build. We are not the same.
By Anonymous
I love doing faith/int hybrids so much
By Anonymous
this is the best comment
By Anonymous
This staff is underrated. I use this staff with my faith-based Bubble Build since it scales better with high faith. The Great Oracular Bubble sorcery is infinitely better than the bubble that comes out of the Envoy's Greathorn, but I don't want to invest in intelligence/arcane just to cast that one spell and it be powerful enough to be viable. If you have high faith, and as long as you have at least 25 INT and 18 ARC, this staff paired with the Great Oracular Bubble spell is much more effective than the Greathorn's weapon art since it uses my faith to boost the sorcery damage instead of intelligence.
By Anonymous
You can get this to drop early from the same Thorn Sorcerer you got the sorcery, Briars of Sin, from in Liurnia of the Lakes. Took me around two dozen tries at 148 discovery.
By Anonymous
Honestly one of the downsides of this is that the two thorn sorceries are just kind of... terrible. You can get similar status effects on spells that are much less unwieldy and more reliable and more versatile if you're going for any sort of int/fth hybrid build between swarm of flies, cold sorceries, and the various dragon breaths.
By Anonymous
Not at all. With the right build they hit HARD regardless of blood loss which is just a bonus.
By Anonymous
I love the thorn sorceries, and can one shot most enemies with them.
By Anonymous
Lot of comments indicating that this staff is useless, but that's really not entirely true. If you're primarily a faith caster, only splashing enough INT to gain access to some utility cast sorceries, this ends up being a decent choice for those. (Glintstone Arc, Scholar's Armament/Shield, etc.)

Obviously, for more developed hybrid casters you're likely to gain more benefit from Prince of Death or Gelmir, but at 50 Fth no other staff will scale as nicely until you hit 26 INt (at which point Gelmir takes lead) - and at 60 faith, no other staff scales as well until you hit 33 INT, at which point Prince of Death takes lead.
By Anonymous
Sorcery scaling with faith, the staff support sorcery scaling with Arc. Wtf is this
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