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By SlurpyChuckles
So far I think 3 seedbed curses have been found. The two listed here currently are correct but there is a third somewhere that needs to be tracked here. There is most likely more than need to be discovered as more than 3 are needed to progress the current stage of Dung Eater's questlined.
By Anonymous
I let blackguard live when getting Rya's pendant and he ended up being a part of this quest, and the source of my fourth seedbed curse, which wasn't enough to continue the quest.
By Anonymous
This one was confusing and I don't understand it all but after you get this you talk to the Dung Eater in the left wing of the Round Table. He gives you a key and says to find his corporeal flesh. You go to the sewers under the capital by dropping down a well underneath the dead dragon's wing. Then find the grace and from it take a left go all the way and drop down into the hole. Continue on and you find and free his body. Then the Dung Eater at the Round Table leaves a message to go to the Outer Moat. This is the water by the Capital Rampart grace (-94, 116 on the interactive map). He invades you and after you kill him he has more dialogue in the Round Table. He tells you to use the Seedbed curse on his flesh back in the sewer. When you get to him though you have the choice of using the Seedbed curse or Seluvis' potion that he gave you to give to Nepheli. I chose the Seluvis potion which seemed to kill him. Then talking to Seluvis, he will now teach you sorceries.

If someone could, I'd like to know what happens if you use the Seedbed curse on him because I did not choose that option. Also, I haven't even met Nepheli yet but I guess something else will happen because you didn't give the potion to her. If someone could tell me where she is I would appreciate it.
By Anonymous
She started off in stormveil castle for me, then moved to roundtable after I killed Godrick. Then she moved to the village of the albinaurics (under the bridge, a little east downhill of the grace) in Liurnia, then back to roundtable again. not sure where she is if you don't meet her in stormveil, but I'd try the liurnia location
By Anonymous
All in all, you must "feed" him 5 total Seedbed curses. He will croak on the spot and drop Mending Rune of the Fell Curse. This is an alternate ending for the game.
By Anonymous
Is supposed to be given to the Dung Eater in multiple doses in his old cell after his invasion and speaking with him in the roundtable.
By Anonymous
Atm I found 3 Seeds
1. .. cant remember
2. Leyndell, Royal Capital (the one already mentioned)
3. in Mt. Gelmir
By SlurpyChuckles
When you say in Mt. Gelmir, do you mean Volcano Manor or actually on the mountains somewhere?
By Anonymous
Found one under Volcano Manor.
By Anonymous
Another one can be found near the "fortified manor, first floor" grace in Leyndell Royal Capital, in a very familiar place, sitting on a corpse.
Also, having one on a character and talking to red phantom npc in the roundtable hold (not on the wiki) will trigger a special dialogue, amd he'll give you the sewer key
By Anonymous
A fourth is acquired from Blackguard's corpse as you move through the dung eater's quest. I let him live in when retrieving the pendant so I don't know if you can still get it if you killed him.
By SlurpyChuckles
Oh nice. I kileld him and checked where his body was and nothing was there (unless he moves). Can anyone else who has kept him alive check this too?
By SlurpyChuckles
Did you kill him at the boilprawn shack or was it different circumstances? I'll be pissed off if killing him locks you out of this questline.
By Anonymous
Did you have to kill the Blackguard as part of the quest, or did you just go back and talk to him/kill him at boilprawn shack?
By Anonymous
Where during his quest do you interact with Blackguard? As I got to the part where you feed him the seedbed curses without a mention of Blackguard. Additionally, went back to check on Blackguard and he is still sitting next to his shack, selling shrimp.
By Anonymous
I let him live at the prawn shack and never saw him again until I went out to the moat where dungeater invades you after freeing him. Blackguard had a camp setup and his dialogue talked about the dungeater. I refreshed the area and he was dead in his chair with the seedbed curse on him, and then I was able to be invaded.

I should also add that blackguard had a crab item that increases defense more than the prawn, and I got his bell bearing to buy it from the vendor in round table.
By Anonymous
I think you need to talk to Rya and get the necklace if you want his quest to progress. I missed it and all he does is tell me to piss off.
By Anonymous
There is another seed at Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree