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By Anonymous
Honestly this should have had BHS as a unique ash of war instead of having BHS be applicable to any weapon. I mean it fits. Gurranq is fast and moves around, bloodHOUND step.
By Anonymous
The did this Weapon and half og the beast spells dirty ngl
By Anonymous
I caved and turned my bonk STR build turned into a 25-35 FTH Clawmark Seal build. Originally for this for the beastial incantation buff to get the most wizard out of a low FTH build. Now this dagger will be my first use of a +10 somber because the very high base damage (for a dagger) plus the B scaling in STR makes this a FANTASTIC offhand weapon when your foe is too nimble for the big bonk. This is the surprise weapon of this build for me. I would HIGHLY recommend this for any strength build even if you don’t want to use bestial incantations. Super fun.
By Anonymous
man this thing is pretty as f**k
By Anonymous
Is it just me or could the description be referencing Bloodborne?
"The design celebrates a beast's five fingers, symbolic of the intelligence once granted upon their kind."
Like, we have the Two Fingers and the Three Fingers but could Five Fingers have been what created the Scourge of Beasts in Bloodborne?
By Anonymous
I know this won't happen, but no cap this and Black Blade gives a unique moveset
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