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By Anonymous
You can roll out if you spam the roll button after letting go but before the slam comes down
By Anonymous
Does this scale with Godfrey Icon?
By Anonymous
"Weapon status build ups and elemental damage will be ignored by this skill. Meaning it will not cause e.g. Bloodloss Buildup or deal lightning and fire damage on a weapons set to the Blood or Lightning Affinity."

So, even when infused with Blood status, using this AoW won't proc bloodloss. Hopefully this answers questions about bleed.
By Anonymous
You know, if you're looking for a weapon to put this AoW on, don't underestimate Banished Knight's Halberd. AT +24 it's one of the few polearms/twinblades that has a B scaling with the Flame Art Affinity, which this AoW grants by default. If this AoW scales with faith, then that's really good because even at just 30 faith, you can pump out a lot of damage.
By Anonymous
the lowest req weapon this can go on is the short spear, at 10 str and dex. useful for summons who are running caster builds but get summoned for tanks like elden beast or fire giant.
By Anonymous
is this.. surely this isn’t… going to apply bleed if you buff the weapon with bloodflame.. please tell me it won’t….
By Anonymous
This Ash of War is usable with as little as 15fp
By Anonymous
Aka: Elden Beast melter and anti-gank tool.
By Anonymous
Arrows are blocked by the flame walls. Tested at Ordina, Liturgical Town
By Anonymous
It should be noted here that the godskin peeler has this ash of war by default. It is obtained by defeating the godskin apostle in the windmill village in the Altus Plateau. It cannot be removed unfortunately but if you want to use it way earlier and like twinblades then this is your jam.
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