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By Anonymous
I'm sorry to ask, but does anyone know where this is located? I'm very interested in this weapon art. Thank you in advance if anyone happens to know!
By Anonymous
It may also be available elsewhere, but it can be found on the Godskin Peeler weapon that drops from a boss in the Windmill Village on Altus Plateau
By Anonymous
Its at windmill village you're gonna have to fight a mini boss and he���ll drop godskin peeler a twinblabe with the ability on it
By Anonymous
The ash itself is dropped by the Godskin Duo boss
By Anonymous
Seems like this weapon art is only available on the Godskin Peeler twinblade.
By Anonymous
nevermind if you beat the godskin duo this weapon art is the drop.
By Anonymous
The Ashes of War required to put this ability onto weapons is dropped by slaying the Godskin Duo boss in Crumbling Farum Azula
By Anonymous
Does it work on staffs
By Anonymous
it also drops form a boss called the godskin duo
By Anonymous
Any chance this works on staffs such as Prince of death
By Anonymous
It's an ash of war, staffs and sacred seals can't use ashes of war
By Anonymous
Staves can use certain ashes of war but not this one.
By Anonymous
Any chance it works on staffs
By Anonymous
I imagined it and now I'm sad it doesn't, thanks!
By Anonymous
Black Flame is associated with Godslayer incantations. So does this benefit from the Godslayer's Seal? Is that even possible?
By Anonymous
It���s an ash of war not an incantation so no
By Anonymous
its not an incantation
By Anonymous
This Ashe of War comes from the Godskin Duo boss. It is a fairly hard boss by the way, a lot of people struggle with this one and can't get past without a level 10 mimic or other good teammates. It is kind of a bad skill, but it has niche uses. It is really easy to get knocked out of it before you get any damage off in basically any boss fight. However, it's pretty sick and fashion wise it looks really good with scythes. An important thing to note is that the "Flame Art" typing is not the same as "Fire" typing. There is no fire typing available if you assign this ashe of war. However, the "flame art" makes the weapons scale with str, dex, and faith. This is very interesting and unique because it allows the player to give a weapon faith scaling (that otherwise wouldn't, like the grave scythe or regular scythe) AND also not force the weapon to be "sacred". This allows the player to still imbue their weapon and maintain good faith scaling.
By Anonymous
The summon Bernahl makes that fight easy, guy is a tank with lifesteal
By Anonymous
I specced my militia saw with this to try it. I didnt even go to apply a buff like bloodflame because I just assumed it was like sacred or any other elemental and I couldn't. Pretty wild thay you can, the damage is great on it already.
By Anonymous
It's kinda meh. The final blast knocks enemies into the air which is nice, but it's pretty slow for what it does overall. One other unfortunate consequence is that using this Ash will wipe any weapon buffs you've applied, so if you've put Blood Grease or Bloodflame Blade or anything like that on your weapon, that's gone after you finish the Tornado.
Would actually be really nice if it left your weapon enchanted with Black Flames for a while after the cast, like Lightning Slash and Flaming Strike do for their respective elements, but it is what it is.
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