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By Anonymous
I have never had so much hatemail and pointdowns before trying this out in PvP. Yes, I'm a terrible person. But casting this from inside black flame ritual is just too funny to stop.
By Anonymous
you've seen the light. elden stars in pvp never ceases to put a smile on my face. imo triple rings is the best tool for giving yourself some space to cast it, some people who are hip to ritual will just jump into your ring of fire and fight you inside it. triple rings can either chase people away, giving you a chance to cast stars, or if they go through your rings and come toward you you can react with wog/radagon's rings and try to get the triple rings to hit them on return. all the spell combo potential is the reason i love the golden order build so much, needs a lot of stats tho
By Anonymous
I actually enjoy using this incantation and find it useful against larger enemies, especially at range, and when I cast it from far off and then run in to attack while the spell is still going I ALWAYS get a stance break. But the one issue I have is - it does Holy damage, but for some reason it doesn't stop skeletons from reforming, why is that?
By Anonymous
as with all other holy damage unless it says it is effective against those who "Live In Death" it's just another damage type
By LordMarzipan
I often ponder the nature of this incantation. Why here? Why is the most important spell to the Golden Order sitting underground in an ant's nest? My theory is that burrow in the ground in the Deep Root Depths was once the egg of the Elden Beast. It could explain the presence of these engorged ants we see, who when slain drop Rune Arcs. Rune Arcs which would not be the shards scattered by the Shattering, but remnants of the Greater Will's essence as the Elden Ring was birthed.
By Anonymous
It is of note that this is found directly underneath the Erdtree itself. The Deeproot Depths seem to entirely be composed of Erdtree roots or similar, and it's likely that the ants that burrowed under the Erdtree came upon the nectar of the Erdtree, which is why they have Rune Arcs.

I'd say that the corpse this is found on is of either one of the original Erdtree worshippers from before the shattering (supported by this incantation claiming to be ancient), or is derived from the roots themselves as the original incantation.
By Anonymous
Similar to your theory, I assumed that the ants had simply consumed who/whatever escaped from a time before the Shattering and the ones who were underground were some remnant of an older generation that still possessed legendary, ancient spells.
By Anonymous
note also that it is surrounded by several "queen ants" which drop "numen" runes, the same people Marika was said to have been
By Anonymous
I like using this instead of fan daggers
By Anonymous
poise through it
By Anonymous
Love using this in pvp. Watching dual mog spears andy flop around like a fish is always a treat.
By Anonymous
Love having this used against me, free pokes
By Anonymous
Love people using this, free Golden retaliation machinegun
By Anonymous
if nautical nonsense be something you wish
By RuinsGSenjoyer
Every time my opponent uses it they do not benefit from it.
By Anonymous
So does this mean the Elden Beast merged with and "became" the Elden Ring or that it was the Elden Ring from the beginning?
By Anonymous
It is the Elden Ring.
By Anonymous
Considering the Elden Ring still seems to exist after you slay the Elden Beast and how there were different ages before the Golden Order as seen with Placidusax I'd say it just merged with the Elden Ring.
By Anonymous
The Elden Beat is the Elden Ring incarnate. They are one in the same in the same way Radagon can be defeated, yet Marika remains.
By Anonymous
the elden beast is a star that the greater will sent to the lands between, it's the living embodiment of the concept of order. eventually, some time after it arrived, it became the elden ring.
By Anonymous
The dragon's time in power came before the ring/beast was sent by the "greater" will. I believe their power derived from the Crucible, which may have been similar to the ring/beast or even what drew the greater will and the other outer gods to the lands between to begin with.

By Anonymous
Alright hear me out, buff this so it spawns a NG+7 full power Elden Beast to kill your target when it lands and I might perhaps after, some convincing consider running it.
By Anonymous
It's hilarious seeing how little damage this does for such a flashy and high-end incantation. It's the faith version Founding Rain of Stars. It's not bad against Deathrite Birds and good for annoying invaders but that's about it.
By Anonymous
The point is that you can use it when you're VERY far away. Just like all spells/abilities, higher DPS (usually, should) have a higher FP/Damage ratio. e.g. Glintstone Pebble is very FP-efficient, but has a relatively low DPS.

Elden Stars is something you kick off before you close with an enemy, to use a lot of FP in order to do a lot of damage all at once.
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