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By Anonymous
Does anyone have this yet?
By Anonymous
I have it, it���s dope
By Anonymous
Yes. From my limited testing, it's ****ing awful. It looks SO cool, but I landed every single star on the putrid tree spirit and it did 436 damage.
By Anonymous
This is in Deeproot Depth, a secret area after the Valiant Gargoyle.
By Herliger
Doesn't seem to do a lot of damage. fires a lot of projectiles, but the mob I tested it on only took 9 damage per projectile.
By Anonymous
Those little stars it emits aren't very damaging. The power all is in the main grace/star thing itself.

I've tried using it and it's just too wonky to use effectively. The tracking of the main star can't just hoke in on anyone either, needs to be targeted it seems.
By Anonymous
I initially thought this incantation sucked but it's actually super useful against agile enemies, as far as I could tell it will follow them forever until it connects launching endless weak little homing blasts before detonating on contact. If you cast while one is already active the active one will detonate wherever it is.
By Anonymous
More detailed trip: Great Waterfall Crest site of grace in Deeproot Depth. Go right and follow the roots. The entrance to the cave is high and a little bit concealed, so be sure to look around. Go through gave with a lot of Giant Ants. Be sure to kill the bloated ants cause they also give Numen's Rune, which gives tons of runes upon consumption. The spell itself releases a shooting start that goes in a wavy pattern. The star releases smaller stars that deal damage. Each single star deals about 2-3 damage with 50 Faith and not upgraded Twin Finger Seal. It has a pretty long cast time, but it continuously damages the enemy. I wouldn't say it's useless. It's rather one of those spells that has amazing animation, great potential, and aren't meant to be used while fighting alone
By Anonymous
this seems really bad. at 50 faith each tick does like, 10-15 damage, and I usually get about 500 damage total between the little stars AND if the big one hits too, which it won't on fast moving enemies. even on large enemies the damage is wholly unimpressive for the 49FP, you're far better off using other damage spells. disappointing.
By Anonymous
Looks impressive, but the damage is pathetic. I'm gonna try it for a bit, but I doubt I'll ever use it again.
By Anonymous
what a shame. this spells deals like zero damage, no joke. 50 faith requirement lol
don't even bother going for it
By Anonymous
Joke incantation in case anybody was wondering. Thanks Miyazaki!
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