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By Anonymous
God damn the last boss forces a damn strength or dex build
By Anonymous
Radagon’s grab has two versions: an near instant one with ~a second of delay, and a slower one designed to rollcatch. As it’s often tricky to figure out which version he’s going to do, I suggest running away and jumping with the assumption he’s doing the faster one. At worst you will get clipped by the explosion, much better than getting caught and taking massive damage.
By Anonymous
he is immune to frostbite, im quite sure, i coated my giant crusher with frost grease and hit him with 6 charged heavies along with mimic contributing, not a single proc. Unless that is somehow under the 627 threshold he is totally immune i swear
By Anonymous
He’s weak to fire. Use blasphemous blade , takers flame. You can get out of his battle with most of your health intact for Elden beast
By Anonymous
also you can dodge his grab by hugging him and strafing right, but you'll have to dodge or block the blast. Still helps from not getting roll caught by the ridiculous windup
By Anonymous
Gwyn: I'm tired of plin plin plon. Lets try something different.

*plin* *plon*

Gwyn: Hmm.... Yes, me like. Gwyndolin-chan play cello to enhance daddy's music

*cello is added*

Gwyn: Yes, this good. but where do I go from here?

Radagon & Elden Beast + title screen OST: Hold my beer.
By Anonymous
Would have ben dope if he whiped out a golden order greatsword to replace his arm, then weild both of them in a new move set. As per the lore suggest, when he left renala he reformed his moonlight greatsword into the golden order greatsword so it makes sense to me that he would weild it to, but just an idea miyazaki....
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