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By Anonymous
boss is **** compared to what comes after literally worst ****ing boss ever and then best boss ever.
By Anonymous
I feel the exact opposite, Radagon was awesome but I hate the Elden Beast boss fight
By Anonymous
worst boss in elden cringe
By Anonymous
touch grace
By Anonymous
Just play the MGR ost over these last few fights. Fits perfectly.
By Anonymous
Yeah thats Thor.
By Anonymous
Ita literally thor from the record of ragnarok anime
By Anonymous
superweak to frost btw
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
4 out of four of the final bosses are resistant to holy damage. I was playing a faith build. I kept looking at my collection of respecking items, then finally realized that this game is balanced around respecking. It's ****ing heartbreaking.
By Anonymous
Faith builds can use godslayer incantations dude, toss a black flame at any boss and watch that sweet %hp damage tick them
By Anonymous
Just swap your infusion to Fire or Lightning ??
By Anonymous
What are you complaining about? I played an exclusively melee slash character the entire game. So many fights are very much not in favor of that.
By definer
I assume his attacks are physical and holy element?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
So I just did a puzzle in goldmask's quest and it was revealed that "Radagon is Marika" and honestly wtf? based transcoded and pinkpilled?
By Anonymous
im normally in support of transpeople but the fact you said "transcoded and pinkpilled" made me instantly change my mind
By Anonymous
"Transcoded" and "pinkpilled" are 2 of the stupidest made up words i have ever heard.
By Anonymous
You are half true. Radagon is half of Marika like a separate entity.
By Anonymous
Radagon and Marika are different entities. They were originally one person, but seperated.

By Anonymous
youre so right bestie <3
By Anonymous
They are two puppets of the Elden Beast, but have their own wills.
If you speak to Melina after fighting Morgott, but before 'entering' the Erdtree she'll quote Marika as follows:
In Marika's own words. "O Radagon, leal hound of the Golden Order. Thou'rt yet to become me. Thou'rt yet to become a god. Let us be shattered, both. Mine other self."
By Anonymous
Please open and read any mythological books, even the Bible for that matter, to understand the symbolism behind primordial androgyny ...
By Anonymous
for some reason, Radagon in this form gives me the impression of the Shadowlord (from NieR Replicant). The shattered body, with the golden markings and partially black extremities. Also some badass holy music playing in the background. And the twist revolving around both of their stories... damn.
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