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By Anonymous
Radagon ****ed Marika, does this count as incest or masturbation?
By Anonymous
They are husband and wife, not related. He used to be married to Rennala and left her for Marika.
By Anonymous
I don't know if you're confusing him with radhan or whatever but they're not blood related... So wtf are you talking about?
By Anonymous
turns out they are both the same person lol
By Anonymous
immune to bleed, but can be inflicted with poison, scarlet rot, and frostbite.
By Anonymous
i am positive i am not the only dumbass who made their "god-killing weapon" a blood loss piece...
By Comrade Krad
his attacks are staggered to catch you mid-roll. had to completely change how i fight most enemies and slow down just to not get hit into a 5 swing combo
By Anonymous
what armor, there's no hat, shirt, or even a left side of his body
By Anonymous
Amazing theme. Going to try to fight him and die for the next few weeks. Despite being sorcerer, I refuse to use magic, phantom, or cheese him just because how cool the fight is. No multiple enemies crowding you, no unavoidable attack, no spamming 10 non stop quick hits. This is how a difficult boss should be instead of multiple enemy BS like Niall.
By Anonymous
this fight ****ing sucks lol every attack is just aoe its not fun at all
By Anonymous
for some reason the beast incantations are extremely weak against him, even though im pretty sure they just do physical damage? also very resistant to holy damage
By Anonymous
Beast incantations do magic damage afaik
By Anonymous
He is weak to holy because he is considered a holy boss incantations are holy spells
By Anonymous
Raime 2: Electric Boogaloo
By Anonymous
Can be parried, but cannot be riposted.
By Anonymous
You have to land multiple parries to get a ripose, and from what I have gathered it's not worth it. Go for strong attack staggers for the riposte instead.
By Anonymous
only weakness is uninstalling the game
By Anonymous
Dudes cool af. The whole time im thinking he's just gonna be another "corrupted hero", but Marika's hammer says he was trying to repair the Elden Ring. Fits the whole hero thing ya know
By Anonymous
Radagon is Marika. This is confirmed by following Corhyn&Golden Mask's quest.
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Radagon is marika in a sense of asexual reproduction of budding like in sea sponges. girl looking for a other half end up literally making her other half lol (sorry me english) poor Radagon
By Anonymous
not corrupted necessarily but perhaps misguided. fact is, we dont know why queen marika shattered the elden ring. we dont know if the greater will is a good or bad deity or if it truly has whats best for us in mind. all we know is for some reason queen marika had a falling out with it and shattered the elden ring.
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