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By Anonymous
a ****ing nightmare
By Anonymous
Awesome design
By Anonymous
I know right? Looks so cool
By Anonymous
He’s insanely hard but the theme is AMAZING
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By Rejo
after fire giant every boss have too much hp wtf from
By Anonymous
Besides Maliketh with his 10hp total health pool. But also thankful for that because his 2nd phase is AIDS.
By Anonymous
Why did this dude shattered the ring at first place?
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By kidkhan
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My theory is that the Beast was in his head, persuading him to do everything he did. Leave Rennala, shatter the Ring, etc.
By Anonymous
He didn���t she did lol
By Anonymous
The description of the hammer says Marika did it and Radagon tried repairing it
By Anonymous
Actually the description of the hammer says that the queen marika broke it and Radagon tried to fix it and the reason she broke it is unknown but we know from lore that she wasn���t good
By Anonymous
He didn't shatter it, Marika did, Radagon tried to repair it
By Anonymous
Marika is the one who shattered it, Radagon tried to repair it.
By Anonymous
Marika shattered the ring out of grief when her firstborn son got murdered by Ranni, Radagon attempted to repair the ring but they were both punished by a being simply known as the Greater Will
By Anonymous
He didn't, Marika shattered it and then Radagon tried to repair it
By Anonymous
Any idea what his weakness could be?
By Anonymous
Can be hit with Scarlet Rot, Found myself swapping from Hookclaws with bleed to the SCorpion Stinger dagger with a shield to parry him. Made the fight pretty easy.
By Anonymous
It reminds me of Thor from Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Record of Ragnarok
By Anonymous
literally my thought as well, i wish that shows visuals were half as good as elden rings gameplay
By Anonymous
2nd phase melee is so much fun, chasing a ****ing tree dragon around a swimming pool while getting hammered with hard to see golden **** discs while your camera is having seizures
By Anonymous
Do not use autolock against big monsters in souls games. No problem, you can thank me later.
By Anonymous
Skill issue
By Anonymous
bro at least you dont have to worry about running out of FP to kill him, i literally run out of flasks when he is around 2nd phase 50% health. i feel autistic
By Anonymous
Radagon is the first 2 phases of a 3 phase fight, very squishy and easy to poisebreak. I believe some of his moveset is parryable but I haven't been able to test yet. It seems like he's weak to magic damage, and immune to bleed and most likely other status ailments. I'd assume he has either full immunity or high resistance to holy and lightning damage, if someone could test that out for the wiki page it'd be pretty neato.
By Anonymous
He isnt immune to lightning but might be resistant
By Anonymous
I was able to apply scarlet rot to him with one full Ezyke's Decay incantation.
By Anonymous
does take damage from frostbite
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