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By Anonymous
Has anyone discovered a max level matchmaking bracket? Like RL 300-713 for example?
By Anonymous
I was staying low level with wl at 2.5 and went back to do some coop in early levels and nothing. ‘Gift’ of the +8 wasted 50hrs of my time. I hate weapon levels, they just kill random coop. Low level invader with max weapons? That was countered with phantoms using the same. Only protects a new host having a phantom vaporize enemies.
By Anonymous
So all the lv 125 duelers are screwing themselves and being summoned by 150s? Big yikes
By Anonymous
if they are unskilled, sure.
By Anonymous
I'm glad the summoning range is improving on the website, but there's room to make it better

I believe level 139 can invade down to 125 hosts, and 167 down to 150.

If you're wondering about co-op level 147 is good, goes down to 125, it might even be possible with 148 i am not sure, it's why we need an accurate calculator.

As for hosts 125, 150, 170 are all good levels of play i believe, you'll bring in players from all popular levels.
By Anonymous
The best optimal weapon level for any given level can be approximated (source: me) by the following equation. Keep in mind it's more of a rule of thumb.

floor(level - starting class level)/10 = Somberstone weapon level

Then you can convert to regular stone level using

floor(Somberstone weapon level * 2.5) = Regular

I am level 61 and chose the vagabond class. Vagabond starts at level 9.

61-9 = 52
50/10 = +5
5*2.5 = 12.5
floor(12.5) = +12

So at level 61 I would do well to use a +5 somberstone or a +12 regular for optimal co-op/invasions.
By Anonymous
Hey I just have to say, this is an awesome post. I was just checking last night trying to find the optimal + for a level 30 co op character and this sort of post is eaxctly what I needed. What I am curious about though, what do you believe is the optimal level to assist people in stormveil, castle morne, and early liurnia? I've been contemplating level 30 with a +2 somber.
By Anonymous
In hindsight, rather than use your class starting level just use level 10.

61-10 = 51, etc.
By Anonymous
what does floor mean? floor times 52 = 50? what is floor?
By Anonymous
Or, way more simply: Level/5 = normal weapon upgrade. Round to the nearest equivalent somber upgrade.
By Anonymous
I'm level 333, this calculator says that I can only be invaded by players up to lvl 370. Why am I occasionally receiving over 1 million runes from winning a 1v1 invasion. Wouldn't that require the person to be lvl 600+?
By Anonymous
Probably no one near your level
By Anonymous
Level 333 why lmao
By Anonymous
I believe once your lvl 305ish and higher, you get into the late game matchmaking system, where it'll match you with any players all the way to max level, this system is there because of a lack of players across all those late game levels.
By Anonymous
Runes aquired by killing invaders or hosts is a percentage based on how many runes that player needs to level up.
I don't exactly know the details or inner workings, but one calculator I found suggests he'd need to be level 644, less if you were the invader.
Still absolutely bonkers. The madlad has been farming runes for hours upon hours to reach that level.
Matchmaking probably makes up for the lack of players at these levels, by removing the upper level limit, once you reach a certain point.
By Anonymous
Correct, from 301 you can invade all the way to 713!
By Anonymous
Why ask about level 333? I'm currently on 393. I get summoned as a hunter constantly to the point I turn off the ring at times.
By Anonymous
I wasn't sure where to put this information, but as someone who wanted to, and successfully did, invade in low-level areas, I wanted to provide my tiny amount of data.

TL;DR: Stormveil Castle - level 23, +6 smithing (non-somber) weapon gave extremely frequent invasions. +8 weapon basically shut down the entire area.

My goal was to invade the entire stormveil castle area frequently, I was level 23 (probably lower than it needed to be), and I had a +6 smithing weapon. I would accomplish near-instant invasions, or very short wait times. Big success. Then, I tested the waters, I upgraded my weapon to +8 and the invasions basically ceased. I could only invade people that were about to challenge Godrick, which is obviously bad because they'll enter the boss fog immediately adjacent to the bonfire they're getting ready at.

Whether or not I was mangled or victorious is irrelevant to the data.
By Anonymous
Level 28, PSN, Put weapon at level +8 non-somber since i was gonna leave invading there anyway but tested beforehand and still got near constant invades in various zones of the castle, which makes sense since at -3 that still leaves +5 weapons which is level 2 smithing stones, more then enough of which are gatherable before and during stormveil
By Anonymous
Getting Rogier's Rapier (on accident or on purpose) absolutely kills Stormveil matchmaking. Not sure why, based on this calculator you should still be getting plenty of matches, but it's pretty annoying.
By Anonymous
So I am soul Level 151, with a somber weapon at plus 9… can I invade lower level people, like sub soul level 100, or what? Also, trying to make summon signs for other people to summon me, and I can’t find anyone else’s summon signs for coop. Why?
By Anonymous
summon range is +/-20 levels + 10%. So for you, lowest level will be 116. (thats 151 - 20, with -15 (which is the 10% of your max level)).
Now that's your coop, which will allow you to play with an higher level of 186. PVP will be just the 10% so you're looking at min 136 and max of 166.
Now keep in mind the upgrade level of your weapon (max achieved on that character - EVEN IF YOU HAVE DROPPED IT AND NO LONGER OWN IT). Most people at your level will have a +20 to +25 weapon so you can have +25 and it wont affect your matchmaking.
By Anonymous
When you put your sing down it removes all summon signs. If you cant find coop besides that its probably because they are getting picked up quick. Especially at end game bosses. Less that one second outside elden beast and will already be taken. At least as of now, ps4 cross region enabled NA.
By Anonymous
If I put +0 weapon the calculator say that I can be summoned by min +0 max +1. However the table below clearly shows that the Host can be max +3
By Anonymous
This system is so opaque and frustrating.

Why are we region locked with invasions and Coop? We don’t we get the choice to open it up?

Instead of max weapon being in the calculation, why don’t they just scale down your weapons to the max of the host’s weapons currently in their inventory if they’re too high?
By Anonymous
I actually enjoy this system, yes it's dated and frustrating if you mess it up, but that's the whole idea. If you want to pick your battles, you better pick them well.
By Anonymous
"yes it's dated and frustrating if you mess it up, but that's the whole idea. If you want to pick your battles, you better pick them well."
What the hell are you talking about? Mess up what? Invasion? What about co-op, ever read that being mentioned as well? And pick your battles well? You don't know who is on the other side to begin with, and no one can't help anyone else thorough campaign/story if there's a level cap of +/-10.
I personally want to help someone beat some specific boss area, I leave my sign, I have 111 level... what I am doing? Sitting for damn 30 min without anyone summoning, wasting my time. Because of this neither I can help, nor anyone else can help me, it's really rare to find someone to summon me.
By Anonymous
I hope From is working in the second half of this comment now that they addressed the first half in patch 1.06, game’s already wayyy better after the update
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