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By Anonymous
I think this needs to be updated... Because I can't ****ing tell what is a good weapon upgrade and level to be invaded at the lake despite randomly guessing around trying to find the sweet spot..
By Anonymous
I am at level 50, weapon +7/+3 but not having the most success in being summoned for co-op. Any suggestions?
By Anonymous
I wasn't quite aware of the "Level Cap" for a long while, i am RL 205 and the most i can get online without my friend is getting summoned as a duelist or a hunter... I wish the cap was a bit higher so i could keep helping people with the same character
By Anonymous
Shoulda stopped levelling son. Welcome to Souls
By Anonymous
Common PVP Breakpoints: 30/60/90/125/150
RL 53 (Invaded by 30-58) (Invades 48-78) / Wep: +7(+3)
RL 81 (Invaded by 56-90) (Invades 73-109) / Wep: +11(+5)
RL 119 (Invaded by 90-132) (Invades 108-150) / Wep: +19(+7)
RL 138 (Invaded by 108-153) (Invades 125-171) / Wep: +25(+10)
By Anonymous
incredibly terrible matchmaking makes this worse than ds2
the fact that me at level 150 can't duel with another person at 150 just because my stats are different is so annoying
By Anonymous
What? Nothing is worse than soul memory. The only thing keeping you from playing with other 150 is you need to upgrade your gear. Genius.
By Anonymous
Nice to know that SL 150 is maximum
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
These levels are -MY- optimal values to have as much activity as possible as a host or summon. First number is the character level, second number after the "+" is the level of standard weapons. These levels are not for invaders, but if you wish to be invaded, these levels are still good.

21+3 to coop with very low levels, or 27+3 if you want invaders, or 26+3 to be able to be summoned by 40+6, or 28+3 to be able to summon 40+6 ;
46+8 ;
62+12, or 60+12 if you're the host ;
80+17, or 77+17 if you only host ;
100+19, or 98+19 if you never host, also +20 if you want +8 uniques and less gap with those with +25 weapons ;
120/125+25 for official tournaments ;
131+25 for coop activities (note: you won't be invaded by 150 if you're 131).

There are trap levels depending on what you want, like level 21 is vastly superior to 20, and if you're always a summon, level 130 is inferior to 131.
By Anonymous
This is awesome man thanks. So I am trying to do some lower level jolly co-op, where I am being summoned to help.
I am level 50 with +7 regular weapon. Would you recommend anything different? Thanks!
By Anonymous
what is the optimal level to be summoned at weeping peninsula and limgrave?
By Anonymous
Wanted to help around Limgrave for a while, so I stuck to staying lvl 25 with a +3 weapon. Putting summon pools to near/far got me near instaneous summons as soon as I activated it.
By Anonymous
RL 53
+8 normal
+3 somber
There, you can now kill Stormveil twinkers easily. Leave Godrick alive, use the tongue and have fun.
By Anonymous
I like RL30 +5/+2 , also people should really start both co-op and invading Siofra River area at around that level, ive made a save i can reload that has just three flames that need to be lit and i can do co op and use taunters tounge and then if me and my random summon make it we fight one of the coolest bosses in the game. If we beat the boss, I reload the save state. Its imo one of the best balanced areas for invading and co-op, but everyone tends to come back overleveled. With the new summon and invasion ranges i can actually get random summons and invasions.

Trust me this should be like a low level meta area, i hope it eventually gets there. It also happens to be a stable area for frame rate if you’re playing on bade ps4 like me, so thats huge.
By Anonymous
Lul, playing like this is literally the reason people are bothering with twinking in the first place, aside from overleveled summons. Great solution, contributing to the cycle...
By Anonymous
Don’t understand the “lul” comment, are you one of those people who thinks nobody should invade? The multiplayer keeps these games alive, and i wish community would try and be more proactive in trying to have better experience. Yes the multiplayer is flawed, id say the netcode is the worst culprit even above game balance but thats how it will be. PvP suffers the same fate of basically every slightly competitive video game unfortunately. People take it too seriously, either in being competitive or being upset about losing.
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