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By Anonymous
I think yall are a bunch of whiners. From Software makes single player games, it's not meant to be co op. It would be way too easy
By Anonymous
If they cared about the game being easy, they wouldn't have added spirit summons. Honestly easier than summoning 90% of the time since the boss doesn't get buffed. I don't care about the restrictive multiplayer but I doubt difficulty was ever on From's mind making this system.
By Anonymous
In a sense, it's the opposite. FromSoftware does invite help from the message system, bloodstains, and the phantoms that you see from time to time.
So you are never truly "alone" unless you play offline which is an "option"
By Anonymous
This system sucks i have RL 160
+10, +25 weapons and nobody can summon me for pve coop
By Anonymous
you should keep in mind the area that you are in. You can instantly find coop with that level for endgame bosses and haligtree area at NG
By Anonymous
I swear the matchmaking for some areas makes no sense. I made a build specifically to invade mid level areas (Raya Lucaria, Manor, etc.) at lvl40 with +8 normal weapons and rarely get to invade anyone. But when i tried out my Leyndel invasion build at lvl65 with +14 i get instand invades in Raya Lucaria every time. In Stormveil on the other hand i only really get invades at lvl23 with +3 normal weapons and even than usually only after waiting a couple minutes.
By Anonymous
it's not the matchmaking, most people overlevel their characters so SL65/+14 in Raya Lucaria is normal
By Anonymous
With this new coop mod, the multiplayer will be dead in a few weaks.
By Anonymous
Please, for the love of God, level your Vigor, Hosts. Getting summoned in only for my Host to die from 450 damage is ridiculous in places like Caelid at level 60. If you want us to help you, you have to at least be alive!
By Anonymous
Literally, me telling my friend that he needs more than 650 health in Mountaintop of the giants.
By Evarika
You're being ridiculous. I've made it through most of the game with less than 500 health! I only just started increasing my vigor a little while ago because I got tired of being oneshot.
By Anonymous
This is all so unecessary. I get that if your level 100 you don't want someone at 25 showing up for a boss fight because they would be useless but bothering with weapon level and smithstone lv...its a waste. No matter what level you are, your guaranteed someone is playing at a similar level to you somewhere around the world. Im Australian and I've had more Americans jump in than other aussies.
By Anonymous
The weapon levels are to prevent thinking, you can thank the mythical "giant dad" builds in DS1 for this preventative measure.
By Anonymous
My what?
By Anonymous
GiantDad wasn't a twink build. Most people finished the game around SL80-SL100 and GiantDad was SL99. The problem was people invading the Undead Burg at low SL with maximum level weapons, which weapon level matching attempted to alleviate. However, it didn't stop people using dark bead, a dark hand, and high poise fully reinforced armor, and thus completely failed to solve much of anything.
By Anonymous
Seeing a lull with a level of 260. And +25's of course. Duals are still fun, except for the one shots, but I'm thinking those will always be prevalent
By Anonymous
Level 24, +0 - +3 all kept me EXTREMELY busy in Stormveil. Kept getting invasions up to about lvl 40 +6, although they dropped off a lot, and once I broke through to +7 stormveil basically dried up.

Midgame it is extremely tough to balance your weapon level and your rune level tbh. Plus there are just so many "midgame" areas that it is pretty tough to find anyone to invade. With lots of travelling around you can find some action but on both of my characters I've found it very difficult to get consistent invasions between lvls like 45-60. Levels 60-75 at like +14 you get a TON of action in and below Leyndell though.
By Anonymous
After a total of over 500 invasions over different characters I found that:

RL35 +6 smithing +2 somber allowed me to frequently invade all of Stormveil, Limgrave, Castle Morne and Gael Tunnel, all very fun.

RL 40-50 +9/+3 the biggest spots were Caria Manor, Debate Parlor, Selia Crystal Cave, Gael Tunnel again, other early Caelid spots, and Siofra

RL 60-70 +12/+4 now covered all of Caelid frequently, Volcano Manor and Mt Gelmir as well. Some hits in the capital but Altus never seems to get much co-op for me. Caelid Divine Tower especially fun at this point.

Anywhere after that I invaded Leyndell or endgame, duels in Raya Lucaria and trolling ganksquads in Limgrave.

It's hard to find a RL/WL sweet spot especially in the Stormveil section but remember, bleed is the most popular weapon early/beginner choice and Greyoll early 90k runes is plastered everywhere online in guides. People will use that for 20+ levels, so we should expect RL30-40 for Stormveil.

Then if you want to progress, a good rule of thumb is smithing bell placements, almost no one will have a +12 weapon until they reach Altus, they'd have to save 12 smithing stone 3 and 4 which are hard to find until then. After the capital the last 3 tiers come pretty quick.

The only doubt I still have after invading all this time is if smithing/somber are calculated separately, and if not, what are the correct equivalences? Since we have 10 tiers of somber but 9 smithing, +1/+3 +2/+6 and so on shouldn't really be equivalent. +2 somber feels weak compared to +6 smithing, +3 feels about the same but I was always afraid to skew the matchmaking.
By Anonymous
From a trading perspective, every 1 level of somber is equivalent to 2.5 levels of smithing, rounded down (tested by trading).
I am pretty sure matchmaking works in the same way, so I recommend going for somber +1 when you would upgrade your smithing weapons to +2, going for somber +2 when you would upgrade your smithing weapons to +5 and so on.

Smithing being 2.5 the value of somber makes sense when you divide their maximum upgrade levels (25 / 10). I can also confirm that you can pick up smithing weapons up to +2 when you got a somber weapon +1 and pick up smithing weapons up to +5 when you got a somber weapon +2. Makes sense to me since strength and estus flasks also get rounded down when the number ends with .5
By Anonymous
"After 500 invasions"
You've been an ******* many many many times.
By DeadInHell
Hilarious when invaders cry about invading "trolls". Bro, you are the troll. These other people are just trying to play the game. You are not a martyr.
By Anonymous

Well, CringeOnInternet, OP was not, uh... "crying" about anything. You're focusing on two words in a huge block of text that is supposed to be guiding other people who choose to invade. He/she doesn't even seem all that cruel or mean, as far as I can tell anyways. Just sounds more like they're describing the situation.

You, on the other hand, wear your cruelty on your sleeve. Those people that are "just trying to play the game" perhaps chose the wrong game to spend their parent's m- excuse me, to spend THEIR money on. The people who are actually trying to play the game are the ones that get ganked. That's literally been the case since... forever?

But, you know, none of these words are anything to fret about. Don't worry: plenty of people out there to help you grow and reinforce your viewpoint. You'll find life is much the same everywhere.
By Anonymous
I'm usually an invader, but the comment "The people who are actually trying to play the game are the ones who get ganked" is DELUSIONAL LMAO. The average person trying to play this game is NOT an invader that faces a gank... and not only that, I am so sick and tired of people acting like INVADER and GANKER are political parties. They're activities in a game bruh... you can invade one day and gank the next.
By Anonymous
nah that dude isnt delusional, just got ganked too many times lol but tbh I think he/she's more saying they hate griefers. ganks are a given for invading, most us know that. but on top of being "the bad guy" for invading, ppl get a lot of hate for using a game mechanic... ganks are fine, they give invaders more people to fight, but why grief eachother? or assume that invader = @$$h0Le hahah... On both sides!! Meaning u don't have to play like one, whether your an invader or not : )
By Anonymous
invaders get half the flasks, max amount of healing flasks they can have is 7 but most have 5
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