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"NOTE: While the formula is correct the calculator itself is wrong due to how it rounds the numbers, for example 139 can match down to 125 when invading."
How does the game itself round the numbers? 139 * 0.9 = 125.1. Okay, so that rounds down to 125, that's clear. But what about 134? 134 * 0.9 = 120.6. Does it round it down to 121 (the mathematically correct way for any decimals equal or greater than 5), or does it ignore the decimal and round it down to 120?
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So I have a +18 weapon. If I discard the weapon will my +17 weapon become my highest upgraded weapon or am I locked in at +18?
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By Hope
"*It's important to note that this doesn't take into consideration the highest level Weapon you are currently holding or that you have stored, but the actual highest Weapon that you've had."

It literally says on the page. So, no, your highest upgrade level you've had at any point on that character will be your upgrade level that is used for matchmaking, regardless if you've discarded the weapon.
By Anonymous
Okay, so from what I'm understanding. Summoning is scarce at higher levels? I have a 250+ character and I would like to co-op through dungeons with random people, is that no longer an option?
By Anonymous
What is the level matchmaking of the colosseum? Is it using the "Can invade" or "Can be invaded by" formula?
By Anonymous
Okay ya pvpers, I did the LV matchmaking tests for the arena and will post my data + conclusion. These tests were at weapon level +0 and spirit summon +0. with player 1 queueing either first or second.

Player 2 = 100+0 Player 2 = 133+0

80 queue first = No 110 queue first = Yes
80 queue second = No 110 queue second = No
81 queue first = No 111 queue first = yes
81 queue second = No 111 queue second = No
82 queue first = Yes 112 queue first = yes
82 queue second = Yes 112 queue second = yes
120 queue first = Yes 156 queue first = yes
120 queue second = Yes 156 queue second = yes
121 queue first = No 157 queue first = no
121 queue second = Yes 157 queue second = yes
122 queue first = No 158 queue first = no
122 queue second = Yes 158 queue second = yes
123 queue first = No 159 queue first = no
123 queue second = No 159 queue second = no

Combat ordeal
123 queue first = No
123 queue second = No

United Combat
123 queue first = no
123 queue second = no

So in conclusion, If you queue for arena you are a "connectee" and if you are unable to find a "host" to connect with you will start "hosting", meaning all people that queue up as "connectee's" that can connect to you with there matchmaking formula will connect to you. This means that for optimal connectivity you want to queue/requeue to try and find a "host" which could be just below your "hosting" range while trying to avoid the people that could matchmake downwards to you when you are in the "host" role.

It appears that "hosts" below 100 receive a form of downwards matchmaking protection meaning the matchmaking to these level's has to be approved by the "Hosts" matchmaking range and not the "connectee's" but this is mostly speculative as I didn't test Level's 83-99

So the optimal level's for arena PVP will be.
100 for the smallest downwards range/regular upwards range (little flex)
104 or below to avoid connecting to 125's, as when they are in the "hosting" role will be having 150's connect to them (min/maxing those 100's eh?)
128 to connect to "hosting" 150's (big flex)
and 175 to connect to 150's whether they or you are "hosting" (Gotta min/max the meta)

If anyone else wants to test/verify my results above please feel free to do so, but please post a youtube video or Imgur album as proof of both characters level and the connections going through. Thank You For Coming to My TED Talk
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What is the "unique" check box for ??
By Anonymous
can this be updated for colliseums? I want to know the level ranges for colliseum pvp
By Anonymous
As of today, the three popular levels are 60+12 (+12 regular weapon), 80+17 and 150+25. 131+25 is also good. The post here from 19 September is still accurate but there's not enough players anymore at 100+20 or 110+20, it's an empty range. There's still a lot of players summonable at low levels, so it seems around 30+3 is still popular, but I don't know if they're summoned very often. With regard to duels, I was wrong to defend 125+25. The meta is 150+25 and there's no doubt about it. We should stop defending level 125, having a bit of FP at this level is always a sacrifice and there's way less players at 125 than 150. To ensure that everyone has as much activity as possible and that the difficulty remains well balanced, players are encouraged to stay at 150. But at the end of the day, you do as you please.
By Anonymous
Noone understands this crap. Also I am pretty sure that twinkling weapon +5 is too low for level 80
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