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By Anonymous
There is no limit to the player lv to play co-op. So far a lv 40 can play with lv 5. However if lv 5 is host the lv 40 receives health and damage debuffs.
By Anonymous
Are you sure? What percentage would that debuff be? Because i noted that when i was summoned, but tought it was normal, like DS1 and 2
By Anonymous
I'm really hoping Elden Ring doesn't downscale you into being worthless if you password join a friend with a higher level character. Downscaling needs to happen so you're not breezing through everything for them but it was way too aggressive to the point where it was better to just make a separate character and play catch up than use your main in previous games.
By Anonymous
Its exactly like that. I just played with friend and i was so weak (actually WEAKER than when i was at that location alone...much weaker) i was nearly worthles...
By Anonymous
From what (admittedly little) testing I have done, it scales you down, but not very hard. And your weapon keeps its upgrade level, so my +9 crystal sword is still one-shotting low leveled enemies.
My health seems to be about 80%ish what it should be, and armor doesnt scale downwards either, so it feels like being hit with a wet noodle.
By Anonymous
I'm a level 62 and my friend who's a level 17 summoned me. Granted we had a password but it doesn't seem to limit who can summon me
By Anonymous
Yeah it has always been like this since DS 3 / Bloodborne etc. with the password. The player ranger level isn't taken into consideration for summoning a friend / someone who uses the same password than you. If it's like DS 3 then if the one summoned is a really higher level with higher weapon level then he will be scaled based on the summoner's level if I remember well. That's what Twinkies do they get end game weapons, the barely don't upgrade them, keep a low level and invade new comers who started a new game.
By Anonymous
why in the hell wouldn't we twink when it's pretty much guaranteed 3v1 everytime?
By Anonymous
Does password play circumvent weapon levels?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I also managed to play with my overleveled "Generally Solo" character with people who just started the game. You get nerfed to hell and back, and only get half of the flasks in your possession. That way it's still fun even if you should virtually steamroll everything in sight.
VaatiVidya group, SEEKERS, seems to work decently for coop too, but it's rare to find somebody with that pass in the multiplayer slot instead of the groups.
By Anonymous
noteably you can upgrade a weapon past +10 (to an unknown limit) in this game, so it's unknown if a weapon upgrade restriction is present or if it's simply more lenient
By Anonymous
It does have a limit, +25 for normal weapons and +10 for special weapons
By Anonymous
It seems from my testing with a new character and a level 41 char. That the 41 can go to the lower level player but not the other way around. If my 41 leaves a sign the new character can see it but not the other way around. You scale down but the low character cannot scale up.
By Anonymous
the matchmaking is simply trash now cant play co op at all with players at least remove these so called limiter for co op players summon other players cause they need help but if u are down graded to trash might as well throw this game in the trash bin all that hard work to lvl up useless
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I can understand you wanting to help others, but this is where balance comes in. What were you expecting from this game, exactly? When the remake for Demon���s Souls came out, there was little to no downscaling and even an implemented password system. From knows what they���re doing.
By Anonymous
If you get summoned by a low level and you two shot their world's bosses, you're not helping, you're ruining their experience.
By Anonymous
Hmmm, I wonder how the upgrade level of your weapons actually plays into this, if at all, considering you can get a +8 weapon straight out of Stormveil Castle once you talk to Rogier after defeating Godrick, you don't even get much of a say in the matter, he straight up gives it to you without so much of a dialogue choice or anything lol, I doubt Fromsoft would have done that knowing it'd mess up your summoning range so early on.
By Anonymous
Weapon Upgrades do play into it. I think FROM purposefully stuffs a +8 weapon down your throat to disable you from invading noobs in the early areas of the game like Limgrave or Stormveil Castle.
By Anonymous
I've been wondering why the people i've invaded in stormveil at level 34+4 have **** like rivers of blood and sword of night and flame
i can't believe i spent 6 hours leveling this character, solo'd morgott at 34 only to be ****ed because i killed edgar.
By Anonymous
I was really wondering if a level 35 must have +6 upgrade or +9 cause I think that +6 should be level25 and when you are level 35 regardless of your higher +6 you match players +9. The real information I want is what level matches what upgrade. Cause I know if you go to a higher level or upgrade than your matching level/upgrade, it scales up on the matchmaking even if your other “stat that affect matchmaking ” is lower, should I, a 35 level go to +9 normal and +3 special or stay in +6 and +2?
By Anonymous
For now I'm keeping it like ds3 with special weapons equalling 2x level of a regular weapon. I invade lvl 40 +8/+4 somber.
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