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By Anonymous
I hope a future update adds a cooldown to their charge attack, because waiting there and taking damage while this thing charges 3 times in a row and covers the entire floor in lava is pretty *******
By Anonymous
If he resists 40% of magic damage, he isn't "incredibly susceptible to magic damage". There is a mistake on this wiki
By Anonymous
For magic users Rock sling is an excellent spell because it does physical damage instead of magic (he has 40 resistance to magic and only 10 to strike/standard), it also staggers him quite fast, allowing for a good critical with your trusty misericorde. Aiming the head seems to do much higher damage too.
And I'm stupid because it's already written in the wiki. Oh well. I just confirm this lol.
By Anonymous
If you are a mage trying to get moonveil, i recommend using glint-stone pebble ash of war against magma wyrm. Rogier sells it, and the lazuli glintstone sword have it as it's standard weapon art. Another option is using meteorite staff + rock sling (both found on caelid), but it takes more time to kill.
By Anonymous
Don't follow the strategy above on strategy for Mage. Unless you have 40+ Int and 6-8 blue flasks, glintstone phalanx is garbage damage. At 28-30 Int with the Metorite staff, Great Glintstone Shard takes him down quicker and with less flasks. The most effective strat I found was bait his "Tigrexesque" charge and roll to the side each time, when he stops you typically have 20-30 seconds where he does nothing, just go ham on his *** (literally where his bum hole would be) with carian slicer. He almost always then follows up with spin attack - if you have a shield just block this, rinse and repeat.
By Blazeye
At least one of these, the one by Fort Laidd, is completely immune to fire damage. Probably because it has to run around on the lava and not die. Pure fire damage spells/skills did nothing to it at all
By Anonymous
No way, they put Rathian in Elden Ring!?
By Anonymous
I only really hated this dude in the small arena in the tunnel. With more space, I found this boss to be more fun.
By Anonymous
The one in gael tunnel did his stupid unpunishable charge attack 9 times in a goddamn row. Their AI is absolute garbage.
By Anonymous
Or maybe you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and activated it repeatedly..
By Anonymous
You can afk the one at Mt gelmir with Latenna by climbing a big rock with Torrent and spawning her at a sniping spot, or you could fight it with latenna as support instead.
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