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7500 gold
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By Anonymous
I accidentally stumbled on how to successfully cheese this boss. If you stay at the entrance in between the two gates none of his fire attacks can touch you. Only his melee attacks which are usually 1 at a time and slow so very easy to block.
By Anonymous
Doesn���t worked for me.
By Anonymous
his fire attacks definitely CAN hit you. i was getting burned in the gate
By Anonymous
Liar ahead
By Anonymous
Stood in doorway and got cooked.
By Anonymous
Doesn't work.
He will flood entrance with magma and kill you.
By Anonymous
It is susceptible to rot.
By Anonymous
This boss is just god awful
By Anonymous
I enjoyed it a lot. Easy to learn, intense, fun but still not incredibly hard.
By Anonymous
that's Quelaag's crush... or so I've heard
By Anonymous
**** this dude
By Anonymous
Honestly the worst boss so far
By Anonymous
Just beat easy. Fight solo with Glintstone Pebble, no co op to keep it's health low. Circle the giant column in the middle. Use Pebble for it's long distance. It's all about keeping your distance from him. Melee with magic augment is good too.
By Anonymous
There is no column in the middle. What boss are you talking about?
By Anonymous
���This fight is easy��� ���just use this magic��� what are you doing with your life
By Anonymous
Poise can be broken!
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