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By Anonymous
The puppetmaster of Radagon and Marika
By Anonymous

Or something
By Anonymous
It's so pretty
By Anonymous
Terrible final boss. Makes no sense for a long fight with this many massively damaging attacks to be right after another boss.
By Anonymous
Get good
By Anonymous
Dark Souls 2 Moment. Dark Souls 2 SotFS Momenter. Dark Souls 3 AoA Momentest.
By Anonymous
skill issue
By Anonymous
Honestly. After finally killing Mr. Holy Spam, you get to face off against another equally challenging boss. I get that they wanted this grand finale, but why FromSoftware, why?
By Anonymous
skill issue.
By Anonymous
It wasn't even that long, but ok. Maybe level up, or just get good.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If anyone is struggling on xbox maybe we can assist each other. Password is 999
By Anonymous
Not a fan of this boss at all.
By Anonymous
It’s absolutely gorgeous, but it’s a very challenging way to end the game. I’ve beaten every boss I know to exist, am level 150, and am STILL struggling.
By Anonymous
Was not expecting this after Radagon
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