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By Anonymous
He need about tree fiddy
By Anonymous
Underrated boss in my opinion. Reddit tier takes as usual by haters.
By Anonymous
Any way to dodge wave of gold?
By Anonymous
I died after I killed it, lost out on so many runes...
By Anonymous
Truly my favorite boss of this game. I've cooped to help people for this boss so many times and every now and then I get one with a weird personality. Like, I know it sounds crazy, but between the Radagon who teleports up to 7 times a second and the Elden Beast and I having chase scenes of upwards of 45 seconds, there are definitely weird manifestations of the rng for the moveset. Perhaps I'm ranting, but I believe that Radagon/Elden beast is the most unique fight in the game in that you have to ration your resources correctly to make it work. Fights like Malekith are a sprint to take him down before he rips you a new one. These two are more of a marathon.
By Solanna
Beautiful attacks, but wow, I can't seem to evade properly, and having to take down Radagon before this is just a bit much. I might even enjoy the Beast if I could do the fight separately. PC modders might have a mod for that before i can improve my skillz. I would also love to summon Melania to fight the Beast. That would be fun.
By Anonymous
I don’t know man

Much like O&S, my experience with this boss seems much different than others

I am not very good at games, but while I died a fair amount of times, I didn’t find him unfair, he didn’t run away THAT much

Most of his attacks were easy to dodge

And talk about spectacle

I enjoyed it
By Anonymous
Can't win on PS4 had no problems with any even Milana but this guy f*** him
By Anonymous
Favorite boss in the game, true test of skill and strategy and reflexes, as final boss should.
By Anonymous
The beast turns radagan/marika in his sword. Thought that was neat.
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