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By Anonymous
I find it kind of funny that both Mohg and Rykard are possibly the two most unapologetically evil characters in the game, yet they are also the two most memed up ones.
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By Anonymous
That’s different, Seluvis is just a prick, to far up his own *** methinks. He got what was coming to him
By Anonymous
I don't think Seluvis is memed up at all, i think most people just hate him, for very good reasons.
By Anonymous
Is it true that Mohg gets a power boost whenever blood loss occurs, including himself? Wouldn't it be a good note to include that lets people know that, although Mohg is vulnerable to bloodloss, it also strengthens him?
By Anonymous
No it is not true
By Anonymous
Shame he doesn't heal instead from bleed, it would fit.
By Anonymous
Used a pure strength character with heavy blood hound claws +14, beast's roar, blood grease, the flask to clear his curse and Latenna Summon +10.

I was able to get him stuck in a push-pull. Latenna shoots him and draws aggro, then I bled him getting aggro again. If I lost spacing I spammed the roar projectile to regain aggro and wore him down pretty quick.
By Anonymous
So ... the Lord of Blood is weak to bleed? How' s that?
By Kaon9878
I think It´s because of his bond with the formless Mother (if that is her name) which gives power upon reveiving a wound. So he gets power upon getting hurt and hurting the deity
By Anonymous
He can't exactly control the blood inside of him. He just scoops up eldritch blood and throws it at you.
By Anonymous
pretty much everything with blood in it dies when you remove said blood
By Anonymous
This guy was supposed to count down from six in Latin and I think that is funny.
By Anonymous
Just imagine the mass confusion every player would have after he shouts "SEX!" until he follows it up with "QUINQUE!"
By Anonymous
I killed this dude and he respawned for round 2.
By Anonymous
+10 Ghiza's Wheel with Lord of Blood's Exultation and White Mask and Radahn's Great Rune. Use Physick before golden fog, then walk in. Once he slowly walks up, use Spinning Wheel point blank. Make sure you are behind him. You will do enough damage for him to trigger "Tres." He will stand there and attack the front. You will do enough damage for him to trigger "Duo" He will stand there. You will trigger him to say "Unus." He will stand there yet again. Then he will start doing his Nihil, Nihil, Nihil! But your damage will ****ing shred him to pieces before he can finish. This is how to cheese Mohg.
By Anonymous
Auto X Bow + Bleed bolts devastate him on the way to you alrdy. Second Phase can still tage a bit but works as well too. Ng 6+ aproved at last
By Anonymous
Lions Claw AoW with Giant Crusher made this fight extremely easy.
By Anonymous
I appreciate how he takes the time to let you buff up and summon by swaggeringly powerwalking his way towards you instead of rushing you immediately like most other bosses, say what you will about him, he's certainly got drip.
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