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By Anonymous
As long as everyone has drank there flask. You can literally finish him off while he is transitioning to the second phase. Granted everyone has good dps. Co-op mode obviously.
By Anonymous
Maliketh's black blade +10 and mimic, spam that skill and which him crumble.
By Anonymous
Lord of blood : weakness: bleed lmao .
By Anonymous
For Faith/Arcane :
Swarm of Flies
Scarlet Aeonia (or Ekzykes)
Poison Mist.
Corpse Piler
Most of the second phase o just dodged and the poison/rot combo did most of the work
By Anonymous
blasphemous blade was not a good choice for this fight
By Anonymous
The safest place to stand in the entire room is directly next to Mohg. Many of his attacks swing high in the air and will be unable to hit you if you hug as close to Mohg as you can, which will let you capitalize on his large openings big time.

Before using his Bloodboon Ritual, Mohg has a few different attacks you will want to pay attention to:
- Thrusting his spear into the floor, then ripping it back out. This causes damage both going in and out, but standing to Mohg's side will give you a couple free hits.
- Three slow and wide swings. The first two can miss over your head if you're close enough, but Mohg will swing low and back up on the third. Keep pace and you'll usually get a free hit, but sometimes Mohg will follow up by stabbing the floor.
- Casting Bloodboon and throwing it on the floor directly in front of him. This will reach just far enough behind Mohg to hurt you if you try to attack from behind, so you'll be forced to back away and try to lure Mohg away from his bloodflame puddle. Because this attack forces you to back off, it is one of Mohg's most dangerous.
- Casting Bloodflame Talons quickly, swiping from right to left (your left-to-right) After doing this, Mohg will be able to do another move right away. He will most often follow up with a relatively quick thrust attack that lets you hit him twice, but the next most common move is throwing Bloodboon directly on the floor in front of himself.
- Casting Bloodflame Talons slowly. This is your best attack to punish, as it allows you to run around Mohg to his back-left side (your right) and — If you moved far enough to avoid the explosion — unload an entire combo's worth of attacks.
Among others.

After casting Bloodboon Ritual, Mohg will gain a few extra attacks and retain pretty much all of his old ones, and a few new ones, including:
- His most dangerous attack: Flying up in the air to cast Bloodboon, then following up with a divebomb swipe that puts him behind the bloodflame he just set down. This is dangerous because it gives Mohg free spacing against you, which he will try to capitalize upon to his advantage. You may be intimidated by the bloodflame on the floor here, but your safest option is to jump right at him and then evade whatever move he tries next.
- Thrusting his spear into the floor now causes an explosion when he pulls it back out, meaning that a timed roll will be required if you want to stay close to Mohg.
Even more so than before, your utmost priority should be to not let Mohg have any breathing room. Keep your pressure up until he falls.

Mohg, the Omen should be more trivial than the real thing, since this spectre variant doesn't know Bloodboon Ritual and thus can't access any of the attacks that require it. However, the room is small filled with benches and chairs, which can screw with your movement.

— Courh the Explorer
By Anonymous

i'm not good at the game

i spent almost an hour tonight with an hour last night trying to beat him

could get him down to around 25%

came here

read he was weak against blood

used arrow barrage of poison arrows then blood arrows, with the tear, no shackle, mimic, heavy greatsword, FotR,

beat him second try
By ghibif
NG+ with scarab and foot gave 1.3M runes
By Anonymous
wait his bleed def is so ****
By Anonymous
Imagine falling for a femboy. Mohgstein's real crime was having **** taste.
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