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By Anonymous
If you deploy the shackle before entering he will be immobilised and just stand there while you tickle him with your favourite weapon, just found this out by accident, didnt know whether to share this but some people might be having trouble with him
By Mistletoe
You aren't going to believe this, but Scarlet Aeonia is the only way I could find to beat Mohg on my NG+ run. I've been trying to do it with no spirit ash summons and I didn't want to use the Mohg Shackle. Two days of trying every single incantation I had, respeccing to arcane, every weapon I had, etc. Nothing worked, then I have one last ditch effort when I see Scarlet Aeonia, the world’s most beautiful and useless spell in my spellbook. I had nothing to lose so I tried it. Killed him on the first try lol. Something about it just works on this creepy SOB. And I have never found another place that this spell was worth it.
By Anonymous
What is behind miquellas cocoon? Theres clearly a fog as you fight Mohg.... but after beating him there's no chests, paths or anything else of th4 sort. Find it very odd...
By Anonymous
probably so you dont cheese the boss mid-fight
By Anonymous
Was a bit underwhelmed when I killed him on ng+ last night. When I did him on my first playthrough he was really really hard. Spent a couple of hours before I even got past phase 1.

Last night he died in three corpsepiler sequences. Didnt even get to phase two. Ok, I'm lvl 225, but didnt expect it to be so easy. Nice runes though, over 1 million with the scarab.
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By Zeusar
bruh the status build ups-

he's strong against sleep, and neutral to those 3 currently "strong against"
By Anonymous
I did him with bloodfang quality build + Frost archer summon. They key for me was to burst him down to low HP before he managed to get into 2nd phase.
He will cast 2nd phase if he got 3 "red rings" on you. If you nuke him hard enough and get him below 50% he will spam hes melee attack which builds up the rings. This gives you a chance to DPS him as much as possible before he gets to 2nd phase.

Like the wiki says, frost+bleed is super strong, frost archers built the the forst and the bloodfang build the bleed ( i used bloodflame) he took massive damage.
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By EvilUnicornLord
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When I summon you, I don't want you to waste the two uses of Mohg's shackle BEFORE he does the blood ritual, I want you to WAIT until he's about to Nihil and THEN pop it so we don't ALL DIE. Some moron I summoned blew through its uses so I couldn't use it. Had I known he was gonna do that I would have just gone solo with a spirit ash.
By Anonymous
Bla bla bla abusing summons bla bla bla
By Anonymous
Aye aye captain
By Anonymous
He's really fun to fight once you get his pattern down, but phase 2 has a little bit RNG going on with it. I find his long ranged moveset to be much harder to dodge than his close ranged ones (and will also cover the floor with more bloodflames).

Although you can fight him up close as much as possible, there's always a chance that he does an attack that can put some distance between you and him, forcing you to deal with his long ranged moveset. And this gets even worse if you happen to be on an unlucky place in the arena, because those bloodflames are going to absolutely fill in your bleed meter.

But still, he's by far my most favorite fight in the game. His design, soundtrack, lore, and moveset is just so satisfying to me.
By Anonymous
“Why is mohg weak to bleed?” Now Tell me Why is melania, a swordswoman, weak to a sword?
By Anonymous
Ignore the bloodflames and you won't get anxiety.
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